Blogging – Day 5

Day 5 has already came and went.  It is amazing how much information I have learned on building a better, nicer blog site.  Although they say content is really what matters, but it is nice to build something that looks decent.  Hopefully I am pretty much done with building the foundation of the site and I can concentrate on adding more information.  Keep in mind I am not doing this to maximize income, but as a way to learn and help others.

Get Chitika | PremiumI signed up with Chitika today.  Seems to be simular to Adsense, but if someone comes to the site via a search engine link then the ads will reflect items that deal with the search topic, so that is pretty cool.  It is free to sign up, so ya really got nothing to lose.  Plus if you sign up through my link on the left, I will earn a small percentage of whatever you make and the amount you make will not be less for signing up though the link I provided :-)

Yesterday, I ended the day with actually making $5.64 through Adsense, so that was nice.  Currently I am at $1.77 for the day.  Chitika reports a day late, so I won’t know where I am at until tomorrow.

Also, I would like to thank all those that read the blogs and check out the ads; especially the Adsense and Chitika ads, it really feels good to be getting some money for the work.  I guess I spent around 6 hours on it today.

Personal Log  (stardate), lol, too much star trek:
Did my normal routine, I need that mouse over, which is coffee in the morning, sports betting, breakfast, poker tournament, work-out, lunch, and then worked on the site.  Although I was kind of off today for sports betting as I had no plays.  However, I did have to check everything and post it, so that took around 30 minutes.  I also played in 5 poker tournaments today, instead of the usual 2-4.  One was because my cousin called and wanted me at the table with him.  I almost didn’t make it to the money level, but I got lucky and we both took some cash home.  I also, switched from a prop player to a standard rake back player, someday I will explain on that, as many people don’t realize the money they can make from being a prop player.

Well, my cat and I are heading downstairs.  There is a bee…(out of beer! grr!!)  err… glass of wine with my name on it.

G’night and play smart,


P.S. It was nice to hear from you Elizabeth :-)

AdSense All Others
01/14/11 $1.34 $0.00
01/15/11 $2.15 $0.00
01/16/11 $6.38 $0.00
01/17/11 $5.64 $0.00
01/18/11 $1.77 $0.00
Totals $17.28 $0.00

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