Texas Hold’em Poker

There is no doubting Texas Hold’em has taken over as the premier game in the poker world.  Hugh world tours, million dollar tournaments are nearly an everyday occurrence.  Winning one of these and you are set for a long time.  However, what about playing poker as a career or more importantly an online career in an everyday setting?  How is this done, you might ask.  First off, to be successful takes time and patience.  Poker is not a fast game, however, online you can play 6 or more games at a time.  Your goal isn’t necessarily to win, but to break even.  If you can break even playing poker you can easily be a wealthy person or at least pay your bills.  How you might ask, through being a prop player or signing up for rake back. Look at the ad below.

Up to 80% rake back. Up to 125% as a prop player. That is an incredible return.  What kind of money are we talking about here.  Lets say you played on a 6 man table, No Limit, $1/$2 blinds and you played 6 hours a day.  You are looking at over $6000 a month in income whether you win or lose and as a prop player, $18K a month.  To be honest, though, you would have a problem finding tables that match the criteria of the prop player.  For example you may only sit at a table with 3 or less players, stuff like that.  However, there are not a lot of prop offers out there and every one has different rules.  I personally, make more from my rake back than I do from being a prop player.  I too looked at the amount of money they could make and  thought wow, but actual being able to find the open tables and other rules is hard.  However, as a rake back player, you can do anything.  Tournaments, Sit’n'go, all of it is eligible for rack back.

If you are not signed up as a rake back player you are just leaving money on the table.  It is free, doesn’t cost anything, and gives you money.  So do yourself a favor and stop leaving extra income on the table.  Click below and you will be happy you did.

Best of Luck, and remember, play smart,


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