Rants, Raves, and Everything Else

Sometimes, ya just need to be direct and pour that syrup in your mouth!

Some of these articles may offend,  some are just satirical, some are a little too adult, and some are just ordinary. Of course I probably only have two articles listed below, but I plan to have more eventually.

I started this website to help others succeed in different aspects of business applications, however, today it has morphed into a more personalize site.  There is still a lot of great information and it will only continue to grow over the coming years, but as I move on in my life, I want to be able to look back at my adventures from time to time and recording it on a website makes it extremely accessible to me for my perusing pleasure and others as well.  The previous format just didn’t support my occasional rant or that crazy break up I wanted to talk about and although I wrote those articles a long time ago, they just floated around the site without any real link to them.  Well, now they do.  So, sit back and enjoy.

Stop the Madness: The Hypocrisy of The Vegan

This all came about because of another article I read where a Vegan calls out a non Vegan without looking at his own actions.  Although, I wrote this using Vegans as a basis it refers to all kinds of situations in general.  However, it seemed to have spurred some passionate comments.  Anyway, I am sure many of you have seen this before where someone condemns another and yet they do the exact same thing, it is madness I tell ya!

Unexpected Break Up & Road Trip

Perhaps this should have be called Unexpected Road Trip & Break Up, as the break up was inevitable it seemed.  Anyway, fast forward to today and that part of my life is over.

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John Howard has owned 13 companies, had a Real Estate license, been an Mortgage Loan Officer, been extensively involved in Day Trading, Commodities, Bought and Sold Tax Property, Accomplished Tax Auditor, Accountant, Written numerous computer programs, Written Screen Plays & Short Films, been Director on two major production short films, and has been semi-retired since 2007, concentrating on personal investing and writing.