Step by Step Guide to Having a Winning MLB Season in Sports Betting

This guide will show you exactly step-by-step what you need to do in order to have a positive return on your Investment in Sports Betting for MLB. The best part, it is all free.  You don’t need to buy any systems or wonder how you are going to pay for a tout and cover your bets. It is just good ‘ole free stuff.

Okay, so what’s the catch? Well, you will be following my straight up picks and those have not be thoroughly tested.  The huge amount of time it would take to back test them would be way beyond my own capacity of acceptance.  In other words, I am just too lazy and to be quite frank I just don’t really need another system.  I am a Professional Sports Bettor already and although another system would be nice in MLB, still, I am just not willing to put the huge amount of time into back testing this straight up method.  That being said, I will be using my own money on these bets, but not my full bank roll.  I personally believe in these pick, otherwise I wouldn’t be using any of my own money.  However these picks have not been fully tested and that my friends is where the free part comes in.  We will all go through this together and I have every bit of confidence we will have a winning season.

Now before you ask or think about the following questions, let me just answer them now:


“What are your other systems?”
My other systems are what I use to make my living in Sports Betting.  In MLB I have more winning systems than any other sport, however the returns or ROI on each range from 3.89% – 7.2% and historically when combining them all I have made anywhere from 16.81% – 24.38% ROI.  Now this doesn’t include any bonus money I converted, just the systems themselves

“Are your systems for sale?”
Alas, they are not.  They are my future and I will not be selling them at any price, well, I suppose I could for a few hundred thousand with a strict confidentiality agreement you would never sell or give out the information.

“Can I just give you my money and you operate some sort of hedge fund?”
Well, yes I suppose, but I wouldn’t be interested unless you are talking about a minimum of $10K.  I would just split the ROI with you 50-50. However, I would not do this in Mid-Season, it would have to be settled before the start of the season.

As you can see, I am not interested really in selling my picks or touting my services, my picks will be available for free to all who wish to follow this straight up betting system.

So let’s begin:

Step 1:
Sign up for a new account and get a bonus or use your existing Sports Book, for the 2011 Season.  This link is My recommend Online Sports Books.  I am personally using the following books in alphabetical order for this 2011 MLB season:

Guaranteed Lifetime BONUS at BetOnline

Step 2:
Sign up for my Newsletter to receive my picks via email as soon as they are posted or update my Major League Baseball Free Picks page often.

Step 3:
Follow my picks using the Money Management guidelines as listed on my  MLB Free Picks page.

That is all there is to it.  Follow those 3 steps and you will have a successful winning MLB Season and be on the road to becoming a Professional Sports Bettor.

Best of Luck to us all,


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