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As a former Bar Owner and Manager of one of the most successful bars in its time, O’Malley’s Bar, my desire is to promote good Bar Management in the industry and have a great time.  Nearly all reviews are works in progress as I like to return every now and then to see if the information in the review is still accurate.

This page will be updated often, so check back to get the latest information.


Anchorage Bars

Eddie’s Sports Bar – 6300 Old Seward Highway, 907-563-3970

This place has two levels, if you count the basement and you should since most of the action seems to happen down here on the weekends.  The basement has live country music and is packed with hot women dancing on the good size dance floor in front of the stage. The main floor is a sports bar with free popcorn and a full menu.

Time Out – 4600 Old Seward Hwy, (907) 562-2532

Our favorite Dive bar.  The crowd is older and very friendly.  The have free popcorn, free hot dogs, and free soup. On Wednesdays and Thursdays they have karaoke and on Friday and Saturday, a live band.


Corpus Christi

The Top 5 Least Expensive Places to Buy a Drink in Corpus Christi, TX

I might add, these are places I would actually go to, just because some place offers 25 cent beer, doesn’t mean I would hang out in it.

1. Outta Bounds Sports Lounge – 1402 Rodd Field Rd, (361) 986-0480 – Every night offers some kind of $1 or $2 special.

2. Macaws St. Pub – 6410 Weber Rd, Suite 21, 361-852-9015 – On Thursday & Friday offer $1 well and $1 draft

3. Talons Sports Bar – 506 Saratoga Blvd, – Tuesday & Sunday $2 Domestics: Friday $2 well

4. Cheers – 510 N Chaparral, 361-904-0900 – $2 Jack on Wednesday

The Top 5 Fun Bars in Corpus Christi, TX

This is extremely subjective, but if I go somewhere and not even the Bartender is friendly, chances are, that place will not be on the list.  However, if I have a great time, meaning as a guy, women are extremely friendly, and, hmm, well that about sums it up.

1. Molly’s Irish Pub – 4201 McArdle Road, (361) 855-8450

Numerous times I have met women here.  Lots of Face Book friends and the staff is great and friendly.

2. It’ll Do Saloon – 4125 Gollihar Rd, 361-855-2766

This is a hard one for this place.  Most of the time, nothing really happens, but I have had some crazy times here.  Extremely hot women taking their tops off,  asking to feel their boobs.  It doesn’t happen often and oddly enough these things have happened on a Monday or Tuesday. So it can be a lot of fun or just a normal everyday bar.

3. Jamison’s Sports Pub – 4528 Weber Rd, 361-334-5585

I have had some great experiences here, but that was when DJ Chris Vibe managed, since he left, I just haven’t had as much fun.

4. Oso Rose Beer Garden -  2001 Yorktown

Customers and Bartenders are friendly

Bars with Karaoke in Corpus Christi, TX

For those who love to sing or just watch others do it.

The following 2 bars offer Karaoke 7 days a week:

Jamison’s Sports Pub – 4528 Weber Rd, 361-334-5585
Molly’s Irish Pub – 4201 McArdle Road, (361) 855-8450

Karaoke Wednesday – Saturday

Cheers – 510 N Chaparral, 361-904-0900 -

Bars with Live Music in Corpus Christi, TX

Live music, either you love it or hate it. The following places offer it on a regular basis.

1. Outta Bounds Sports Lounge – 1402 Rodd Field Rd, (361) 986-0480 – Currently on Monday and Friday nights

2. It’ll Do Saloon – 4125 Gollihar Rd, 361-855-2766 – Friday & Saturdays

3. Politics Spirits & Games – 7426 S. Staples St, (361) 882-0030 - Fridays

Corpus Christi Bars

Bills Casino Royale – 3809 Saturn Rd., 361-853-2593

A nice small little bar, but don’t let the name fool you, there is no casino action going on here.  It is a cozy kind of place where the regulars are well known.  This is a full price bar and never has much in the way of specials.  Their pouring system ensures no heavy pouring here.

Cheers – 510 N Chaparral, 361-904-0900

A charming little bar downtown. Always friendly service and people.  They do Karaoke up front and if it is not your thing you can go in the back to kind of escape from it.

It’ll Do Saloon – 4125 Gollihar Rd, 361-855-2766

It is an older crowd, over 40.  You will find a few young hotties mixed in, but it is hit and miss.  Still the service is great and it is a nice little bar.  It is also the only place where a woman came up to me at the bar, bought me a couple of drinks, and literally picked me up.  So, it can be a very interesting place.  I have had some crazy times in this place.  They rarely have drink specials, but always have some type of free food out.

Jamison’s Sports Pub – 4528 Weber Rd, 361-334-5585

Jamison’s has a high quality sound system throughout the place and Karaoke every night.  They do a special karaoke show called the Bad Boys of Karaoke on Friday’s & Saturday. Personally, you can’t go wrong coming here.   The staff, as always, was very nice to look at too.

Lou’s Saloon – 5101 Leopard, 361-882-0723 (Upstairs) 361-884-0246

Lou’s is broken into 2 floors and 2 completely bars.  Downstairs it a full price bar. Well drinks are $4.25.  It is much quieter, you can actually have a conversation, music by jukebox, playboy pictures on the ceiling, which is a very nice touch.  It also has a pool table, shuffle board table, and poker table. They also have free salted peanuts that you drop the shells on the floor. Friday night there were only 4 people in here.  Upstairs, live DJ, and is definitely a different experience from the first floor. One thing to note is they were allowing the customers to smoke inside which is the first place I have seen to allow this.  The DJ was great though.

Macaws St. Pub – 6410 Weber Rd, Suite 21, 361-852-9015

It can be a different bar from one day to the next.  I am not sure where to classify them.  They do have a dance floor with a stripper pole, but they are rather small for a club.  On the nights they are not doing the “club” thing they are a nice bar.  I have mixed reviews, depends on the day of the week I went.  Jennifer and I have had a great time here, especially on Thursdays.  Lino Suarez, a bartender, always does an outstanding job.  He is entertaining all by himself.

Molly’s Irish Pub – 4201 McArdle Road, (361) 855-8450

Molly’s has Karaoke seven days a week and arguably one of the best patio set ups in the city. Every employee I talked to has the utmost respect for the owner, Don Tipps, and see him more as family.  He definitely treats his employees right and it shows in the good time to be had each night here.

O’Malley’s Bar – 4706 Corona Dr. (Closed)

Closed, but oh, so many fun memories. As an owner manager it was a blast and to this day I have yet to find a bar similar.  I am sure it will happen, just may take a while.

Oso Rose Beer Garden -  2001 Yorktown

This place is a beer only place, no liquor is served, but it is quaint. The staff is really friendly and on the Friday night I went they had some free food laid out.

Outta Bounds Sports Lounge – 1402 Rodd Field Rd, (361) 986-0480

This place has some of the best drink specials every night in Corpus Christi and there is always something going on.  Depending on the night, you might find Karaoke, Live Texas Country Music, DJ Chris Alvarez Mixing it up, Poker Tournaments, Beer Pong, and a whole lot of a younger, pretty people.

Politics Spirits & Games – 7426 S. Staples St, (361) 882-0030

Nice crowd and a nice atmosphere, but I am a little jaded.  This place has the worst service I have ever experienced from the waitresses.  Do yourself a favor and walk up to the bar.  It took the waitress 25 minutes to ask me if I wanted a drink, then after I was done another 25 minutes for her to ask if I wanted another. However, she was hot, if that helps.

Vernon’s – 1030 3rd Street, (361) 882-0030

Always a nice group of older generation frequent this time-tested wonderful establishment. It is personally one of my favorite places.  I have been coming here for years.  They always have ice cold beer, free popcorn and peanuts;  a place where you just throw the peanuts on the floor and have a good time.

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