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So, I get this comment on this post and it is really long.  The person talks about themselves and stuff, but the comment doesn’t seem to quite fit the page subject, so I copy a line from the comment and paste it in google search and sure enough this bot/person has left the exact same comment before.  Just another way people and bots try to spam us website owners.  I went ahead and left comment so you can judge for yourself.

Okay, sorry I didn’t get to visit peoples blogs, well not yet at least, but after emails, answering questions, answering yahoo questions, posting on forums, screwing around with facebook, and twitter, I discovered a really cool plugin.  Of course, I have thought that before, only to discover some conflict later on, however, for now, I’m happy.  What this plugin, after messing with the code, does is make columns.  Now, at first blush, so it makes column what of it, I mean I don’t even really need them.  Which is true however, when using iframes in WordPress you can’t run the words along the side of the ad.  For example here are two Ads for Amazon Kindle

First you have to use a special plugin just to use iframes.  So I will put the first one here. now although I put here, I cannot put words really next to it or format it in any way. Which makes it not as functional, but at least you can actually use iframes.

Now, I am going to use the column plugin, which should allow the words line up beside it. Which is very cool because as you can see, it looks much better and more streamlined. lol.. man just looking at the previews of this page makes me want to delete the horribly looking example on top.  If you have OCD, I apologize for the display… lol.. horrible.

Now there is a little special coding I had to do, to make it fully functional.  It works straight out of the box, but there are little mods that can me done.  I put it on my list to write an article on the coding.  Oh, the name of the plugin is WP Post Columns.

Personal Blog
So, my time arrives to go work-out and I check the temp outside 49 degrees, that’s freaking freezing.  However, the gym is indoors and the sun is shinning.  It is times like these when you need a partner to get you up out of the chair and go hit the weights. Hmm, still thinking… Be back to let ya know what happened.  Well, I braved the frozen tundra and ventured out into the bone crushing chilling cold.  It actually was quite nice and I even went for a walk.  It had turned out to be a beautiful day after all. Also, I am increasing my heavy weights in both my biceps and triceps.  So, even though I am on a Polyphasic sleep schedule, it appears to not be hindering me on my strength training.  Elizabeth suggested I stop spending so much time “marketing” the blog, meaning answering questions on forums, Yahoo Answers, Facebook, Twitter, those kinds of things and spend some time writing content.  She is right, I spend about 15 hours a day reasearching and helping others that I never get to write the articles.  So, I think I will break up some of the days and still do all that other stuff most of the time, but give myself a few half days to at least begin writing some more quality content.

Well, that is all for today.  I still have about an hour and half before 3am, so I will probably get a beer, relax, research something and then take nap.  Then it’s big screen TV time. Heck I even have one of those movie theatre popcorn machines, I am serious about my entertainment.

Have a great day and see ya tomorrow,


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