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I received my first email from the subscription to my own feed email service and well, it is free :-D   It is a great service Feedburner gives for free, however, the only things I didn’t like was it sends the entire article complete with the ads on the page and those do not follow the formatting on the site.  So, iframes are out of the question.  And formatting to where words run along the sides do not show.

For example:

This is the emailed Version:

This is the emailed version

This is the correct version:


Now the emailed version is not blurry or in small print, I just had to adjust the picture to make it fit, however you get the idea.  Also, I cut out that one part of the email.  The actually email had four posts with links anchored in the email to each post.  So, it is nice that the subscriber is not sent a bunch of emails, but just one, with all the blogs I did for the day.

While I was working on this page I just hit play on the mp3 box above and listened to the clips while I read.  It was quite enjoyable, although, I kept thinking, I want that song. lol :-D

Mark’s Adventures on Planet Earth had a nice concept of making a page dedicated to linking sites that helped him along his journey in Polyphasic.  What this does is not only provide a nice service to those interested, but it allows other bloggers to notice.  As soon as he adding my site I got a notice that someone added my site.  I went to check it out and thought, hey he put a link inside his site, how cool is that.  So, now, I am putting one back.  Since these links deal with the same subject they carry more weight when someone uses google to search and the keywords are found on our sites.  In-another-words, you go to google search for Polyphasic and hundreds of pages come up.  Google will see which sites have other links dealing with Polyphasic pointing to them.  The more links to your site on a page with the Polyphasic search term means your site will be ranked higher.  That is the simplified version.

I finally got Facebook going meaning it now receives my feeds via twitterfeed.  The little icon in the upper right had side of site is ready to be pressed.

Personal Blog
I started to go work out, but us southern Texans have a different temperature guide when it comes to weather than most.  The following is a chart for all those not from South Texas:

  • 111 + is Damn Hot!
  • 95 – 110 is Hot
  • 85 – 94 is warm
  • 65 – 84 is nice
  • 60 – 64 is cold
  • 50 – 59 is freezing
  • 49 and below is just plain freakin freezing

And it was freaking freezing outside, so I didn’t go workout.

I had an unusual amount of email today and most of it required lots of time to deal with.  Such as getting accepted at various affiliates and setting up their banners and stuff.  Last night, Ugly Betty, just seemed to be dying out for me.  I watched the 1st episode of season 2 and idk, I actually didn’t even want to finish it.  I am more of a sci fi action guy, but I do like other things, but this just wasn’t doing it for me.  I may give it one more chance.

Well, today I think I will make some of my really, really good double layered tostada’s.  Yummo!  Time for a shower, dinner, and then a nice beer.

See ya guys tomorrow,


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