Blogging – Day 30

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I have made it 30 days and this will be my 108th post.  Hard to believe 30 days have past and over 100 blog entries later and I am still setting up the site, making ebooks, answering questions, and helping people.  I can see where this type of job can consume people.  I spend around 15 – 16 hours a day on it, it seems, however I do take my beer drinking and watching movies and tv on my Roku seriously, so, it gives me another creative outlet.

Today, I finished adding on my list of plugins I had been going over and added the list to the ebook.  There are a lot of little functions now on the site, like, getting emails if you leave a comment and want to know when someone else leaves a comment.  Just little things to make this site a little more enjoyable.  I downloaded a video capture software that records my computer screen so I can start making more instructional pages complete with video accompaniment.  The free software is from CamStudio.

Personal Blog
What a day it has been.  I started it off by watching The Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, now I realize it is an almost 2 hour movie but I wish it was another 4 or 5 hours long.  Seemed like so much more could have been added especially in the end. It was all set up for a lot of emotional outpouring and yes you felt good, but idk, there could have been so much more.  I much prefer watching TV series on the Roku because I get the whole series at once.  Some of those series can make you ball like a baby.  It is crazy the quality of writing and actors now-a-days in TV series.  I mean, I prefer action sci/fi myself.  Firefly being one of my favorites.  However, I couldn’t believe the emotions that little series Wildfire: Season One poured out of me.  I am not even a horse person, but after that series I was.  It has kind of faded for me, the horse person thing and I never finished Season 3, so…

Anyway, I did manage to make it to Main Street Coffee Bar where there is always lively conversation.  Although most of it was with Levi and Joy, still it is nice to talk to someone sometimes about a verity of different subjects.  After a few cups of coffee, I headed over to KFC and ate some horrible fried chicken.  I never eat at KFC, but thought I would give them a try and it was bad.  The chicken was old and dry, just an all around bad experience.  Oh and they have some of the dirtiest rest rooms I have ever seen in Bay City, TX.  So, if ya plan to come by our neck of the woods, drive right past that place, trust me, you don’t want to have to experience it.  Life is too short.

Well, I have 24: Season 8, some pizza, and beer waiting for me, so I better get to it.

Have a great day and see ya tomorrow,


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