Blogging – Day 33

Business Blog
I started working more on setting up the menu selections for the eStore area and made a new landing page for the main eStore link.  I am still having trouble finding time to finish a full day of work.  I usually just manage to do the basics, answering email, answering yahoo questions, answering questions on forums, adding friends for Facebook, sending out tweets, searching for Blogs and reading and posting comments, housework, feed myself, workout, personal issues, maintain the daily Polyphasic Sleep Project and Daily Blogging Project, and lastly do the job I get paid for, which is Sports Betting.  Sports Betting requires every morning to enter data, make assessments, then make transactions and record the transactions, then post the picks here and elsewhere.  Then at the end of the night, as in, I still haven’t finished it tonight, record the data, including the final transactions, then post results here and elsewhere.  Now, once I finish that I can then start on the fun stuff.  Only, like right now, once I finish this post I will still have to finish the Sports Betting night work and then I can do something creative and fun. lol.. Only, it is 1:35am right now.  I know I could just not do all that, oh and wasn’t I supposed to stop doing a lot of that every day.  That’s right, I was supposed to make a new schedule.  Guess, I will just add that to the to do list :-D

Personal Blog
Today started out pretty good, if 8:30am or so was the start of it.  I was able to make it to the gym today so that was good.
Right now my Cat Genie is giving me problems, so I am trying to fix that so it is kind of frustrating.  Well, I still have a lot of work to do tonight and it is now 2am, so I best be heading out.

You guys be safe,


P.S. Now that it is 3am and I finished the issue with the Cat Genie drain, not really a problem once you know the codes, so I am going to list them, just in-case this happens again in the next few years

Cat Genie Codes – probably should have made it’s own post and I may still do that.

Unplug it and hold down both the start and auto cycle buttons and then plug it back in while holding them down.  It will cycle through some lights, continue to hold until it finally stops on the 4th light.  Once you release the buttons it will go back to 1 being lit.

Now you can cycle through #1 through #4 by pressing the cycle button.  It will beep and move to the next number and light up.  Very Important.  Once a Code Starts In Will Continue Until You Stop It. These are the codes:

  • #1 = press start and arm retracts, press it again and it stops.  Press it again and it extends and press it again and it stops
  • #2 = press start and the bowl rotates clockwise, press again it stops, press again it rotates counter, press again and it stops.
  • #3 = press start and the it fills with water, press again to stop
  • #4 = press start and adds cleaning solution, press again to stop
  • #1 & 4 lit up together = press start causes the drain to spin and will greatly help to unclog drain, press again to stop (this is what I had to do)
  • #2 & 4 lit up together = press start and drier comes on, press again to stop

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