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Just after 3am, I was heading downstairs and I heard this pop up sound from my computer.  So, I turned around and by-the-time I got to the computer whatever window box had appeared, disappeared before I could read it.  Then some “System Tools” program started running and it claimed it was running a virus scan.  I stared a little perplexed at the screen for a moment and then it started saying I had all these viruses.  I was like what the hell.  As all these viruses started being labeled one after another I click my little Microsoft Security Essential icon and the icon disappeared and a noticed popped up that said the computer was infected and the program couldn’t open.  Then I looked closer at the viruses being listed.  It was saying I had all these adware and different viruses and I just started laughing.  I was like whatever, then it listed another one and another one.  Then after a minute it said it “completed” the scan and I had 30 -50 viruses, I can’t remember the exact amount, and I needed to download this program that “System Tools” was saying I needed.  There was no way the new program scanned all 4 of my hard drives in a minute. Well, I was certainly not  going to click on the download it said I needed.  My desktop image was replaced with this huge warning on all 3 of my monitors.  This “virus” was blocking everything, but it wasn’t quite acting like a real virus.  So, I went to run and entered shell:common appdata and the Application Data window opened and I saw some random named file like bdaref.ft or something like that.  The Application Data window will only have folders in it, so that file was way out of place.  Naturally I deleted it and then with all these “viruses” on my computer and this “System tool” having near compete control of the  computer I restarted.  I know, it is a cardnal sin to restart while you are blantantly under attack and are losing control, but this was too much like some psuedo virus.  The computer restarted and the “virus” was gone.  Took me about 2 minutes to stop something that looked like my entire system was compromised.  Only because I have a little knowledge was I able to completely stop this whereas I am sure there are many people suffering from this type of ad attack.  So, here is the fix for the “system tools” virus.  Just delete, not any folders, but any single file running when you go to your task bar and click start, then run, then type in shell:common appdata and the Application Data window opens.  After you deleted the file, then restart. I probably should make a post by itself about this, I will add it to the list… One last thing, I would suggest you store this command in your run drop down menu.  Go to start, then run and type in shell:common appdata and hit enter.  The window will open and you can just close it.  However, the command will now be stored incase this ever happens to you.  The Following is a recording from the Polyphasic Sleep Project that discusses this.


I worked on changing all the link colors to a more violet, as the blue was just to light and if i did not bold the link you couldn’t even see it.  As you can see the Polyphasic link above is much easier to read now.

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Well the project was killed before it began.  If your credit score is below 640 you may not request a peer to peer loan.  Apparently, mine is, as I was not allowed to fill out the form.  I got divorce 2 years ago and that caused some credit issues as some bills she was supposed to pay she did not.  I was assured by the companies that the accounts were being changed over to her name.  However, sometimes things do not work they way they are supposed to and although, I had filled out mountains of paperwork it seemed, some companies just didn’t process it before things went south and she refused to pay, things like her electric.  Since I was living in a different city, I never got any notice until a collection notice came in the mail.  This happened with a few places that assured me everything was being taking of.  So, that was a lesson learned, but doubt it will ever help me in the future as I plan to never do that again, the divorce part.  I am sure is a wonderful site for most, but I will not be able to complete a full review of them until a later date.

I added a new eStore to the site and will be developing that for a while.  I have the Toys & Games section up.  I will also be concentrating on getting the March Madness area in Sports Betting up, before March of course :-D

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2011 02 17 Thursday

I am adding a audio log and eventually will have video logs.  With today’s unlimited disk space web hosting providers, like Hostgator, we might as well take advantage of not only audio logs, but video.  I realize for video YouTube is the big daddy, but you might consider storing your videos on your site, but of course use the ones you uploaded to YouTube.  This way if you ever need a back up, it is stored on your site because although you can upload all day long to YouTube,  download you can not.   Storing video takes up a lot of space and if your host provider allows for unlimited space ya might as well take advantage of it, since you are paying for the service.

Well, time for that beer and 24:Season 8 for entertainment.  Oh, and check out my new “Buy me a cup of coffee or beer” listed at the top of the sidebar to the right :-D

Have a wonderful day or evening,


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