Blogging – Day 37 – Feb 19, 2011

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I have continued to add to the eStore.  It takes me back to the days when I had Gamer’s Guild & Anime World, where my tagline was “Your Online Gaming Super Store”  At the time, it was huge, before PayPal was even a company and Ebay had just came out.  Interesting times many, many moons ago.  Now, flash forward to today and the more things change, the more they stay the same.  As for this project it will be a huge undertaking, so I will probably slowly build it.  Hopefully I will start work on the March Madness pages tomorrow.

Oh, I almost forgot, Joy, from Main Street Coffee Bar, bought a DVD from Amazon today, however, he started his search here so he will be my first commission, from Amazon.

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2011 02 19 Saturday

This morning on my way to Whataburger, I had this feeling I was forgetting something.  I looked at my netbook and thought, no, that is all I really need for later at Main Street.  Then a word floated in my mind, “Clipboard” Damn! I forgot my clip board, oh well, I didn’t want to turn around, so I continued.  I ate the great taquito and the experience was as good as always.  From there I continued on my journey to Main Street Coffee Bar and when I walked in, Joy said “House or Flavored” I looked over at the board, the flavored was Cinnamon Hazelnut, I replied, “flavored.”  He poured me a nice cup of steaming dark goodness as I sat down in my “usual” place.  Joy started talking about the male auction he was supposed to be in tonight.  A charity to benefit people with cancer.  However he wasn’t sure he was going to go.  He wasn’t feeling well.

The Saturday regular crowd was here, those Triathletes, Biathletes, and just plain work out people that sit on the couch and in the big comfortable chairs talking about their latest conquers of athletic prowess.  My days of representing Texas against the Chinese in an international track meet are long gone. The cycling racing team I started in Corpus Christ, Tx… years past now.  Cycling races where my regular competition was Lance Armstrong, you might have heard of him, however you might not know that he was also an accomplished runner.  The name of the undefeated, undisputed king of biathlons Ken Souza, at the time. The numerous trophies from track events, biathlons, triathlons, cycling road races, all holding glory and triumph, buried beneath the dust locked away in a box somewhere.  Seems a life time ago and maybe it was.  Our lives just move from one event to the next and some of our greatest accomplishments get buried in a box.

My cousin called, he started by saying how screwed up it was that I ruined the saying “WWJD” for him. lol… He said every time he hears it he thinks of me.  We had a long discussion about the political agenda of various governmental agency’s and things of that nature, like normal families do I suppose.

Well guys I am heading downstairs for a nice cold refreshing thirst quenching beer and some good ole entertainment in the form of 24:Season 8.

Have a wonderful day or night,


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