Polyphasic Sleep – Day 10

Total Sleep Time: 3hr 47min

3am – 18min
Didn’t lay down until 4am. I was watching “Ugly Betty”, but everything is going good.  I am awake and alert and hopefully this will be another great day.

7am – 3hrs11min
OMG!! WTH!! GRR!!! :mad:    (Sigh) There went this day.  I thought I was doing so good and would sleep on the nice comfy couch.  I had been sleeping on the floor before.  My couch is extremely comfortable, verify by not only my own comfort meter, but everyone that has ever melded into it as mirrored me sentiments.  So I set everything up as a kind of special treat for doing so well lately.   The next thing I knew, BAM! over 3 hours had passed I sat up quickly and shook my head at failure of sleep.

I am now tired and yawning the entire time I write this.  I also feel drained.  I keep closing my eyes and just type with them closed.  I hope I can make it to 11am and get a nap in so I can get back to normal.

11am – omin
Although I was so tired before, I made some coffee and bing my brain woke up.  Now I am wide awake and since it is an hour past my 11am time, I will just be skipping this time.

3pm – 6min
I started about an hour late, but just couldn’t fall asleep staring at the digital timer ticking away the seconds.  However, I did manage to get a very tiny little bit of sleep.

7pm – 12min
Took me a while to fall asleep for some reason and then I woke up with ten minutes left and closed my eyes and fell back to sleep.

11pm – 0min
Well, I guess I am not going to sleep since it is already 12:15am.  This day started horrible with all that sleep and then the day itself, although a beautiful one at that, just seemed to go downhill for me.  However, I still managed under 4hrs for the day, so that is something.  I bet I pay for it tomorrow though, missing this sleep session.

Well thus ends Day 10 of the Polyphasic Sleep Project.

Sleep well,


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