Polyphasic Sleep – Day 16

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Total Sleep Time: 1hr 28min

3am – 0min
I just wasn’t tired.  I was supposed to be watching some Ugly Betty, at least one episode from Stargate, having some pizza, and having a nice ice cold beer, but my Daily Blog entry took a lot longer than I had anticipated.  So, all I did was some dishes and then it was time for the 1st nap of the day.  This time to make sure, although it didn’t matter, I didn’t over sleep, I used my computer alarm as a back up.  You see, I have an few monitors and one of them I just put a big clock on it from this site:  OnlineClock.net Anyway, the alarm it has never shuts off.  I once forgot I had set it and it went off for over six hours.  Plus, I have a surround system hooked up this computer, so you can imagine, it can get load.  So, I set it to go off in 25 minutes, laid down and started my 20 minute little timer and never fell asleep.

7am – 37min
I reset the timer to get another session in.  Just didn’t really feel like getting up.  Not so much I am so tired I can’t get up as, this pillow feels so comfy.

11am – 16min
Took a little time to fall asleep and at least two times, I told myself, I guess I am sleeping because this is some weird dreams.  It seems lately, I am not sure if I am asleep or not.  Once you realize you are sleeping and dreaming you can then pseudo control it.  Well, kind of, it is like directing an unscripted scene. You have some control, but never know what is going to really happen and usually you lose control quickly as you fall deeper to sleep.  At least that is my experience so far.

 	 Watch 100,000 Movies Instantly on your TV3pm – 0min
Somehow I skipped this time.  I was going through my email and looked over at my monitor clock and noticed, hey, it’s 4:30pm.  Umm, did I miss my 3pm, because I don’t remember it.  So, I checked my log here and sure enough.  I skipped it.

7pm – 18min
About 30 minutes till my time I was getting tired.  I answered a few more emails and then finally 7pm came.  I set up my online clock and my timer and fell right to sleep.  At one point it seemed like hours into this epic dream that spanned 100s of years as we had discovered a way to reverse aging and the human race was staying young forever; bio-mechanical parts were used when a body parts wore out.  Anyway, at one point my eyes popped open for surely I had slept for hours.  I turned to the timer and there was still 12 minutes left.  Crazy, it seemed so real.  I could write a book on that dream alone and it was only a few minutes.  The brain is just a pure marvel.

11pm – 17min
I fell asleep pretty fast but woke up a few times.  It was like I couldn’t breath and each time I would awake taking dept breaths.  Not sure what that was all about.  However, I am fully awake and alert.  I went from sleep to wide awake in less than a min, no floggyness.  It was like I never went to sleep except I feel refreshed.

Thus ends Day 16 of the Polyphasic Sleep Project.

Sleep Well,


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