Polyphasic Sleep – Day 20

Total Sleep Time: 3hr 39m

3am – 16min


I went to sleep fairly quickly, however woke up with 5 minutes to go, but did manage to fall back to sleep.  I am a little tired but not too bad.  I am entering the hardest time of the day for me right now.

7am – 2hr 23min


Yep, the bane of my sleep schedule.  I thought I would just set the timer for 40 minutes, even the back up computer.  They did their jobs of going off, but I just turned them off and went right back to sleep.  I keep thinking how I am just not able to stay true to the Uberman schedule and now I am into Day 20 and still haven’t gotten it nailed down.  However, I then tell myself, I am still getting less sleep than the Everyman schedule for the most part and I have just about conquered all the other sleep times, I just have the 7am to go.

11am – 00min
Skipped right over this time session, it was in my rear view mirror before I even noticed it.

3pm – 32min


The computer alarm saved me again. Now I am very tired.  I probably wouldn’t have even stayed awake if I would have received a few texts right when I woke up. So, thank you for that Elizabeth :-)

7pm – 12min


I started an hour late, but went to sleep fairly quickly and my dreams where rather odd.  First I was flying around, that is always nice, but then the dream turned inward to my mind and started scanning my brain, only my mind was fully of webpages, lol…  It was scanning page after page; kind of like something out of The Matrix.  Even stranger was I woke up during this and could watch all these pages of information being scanned, I then I thought wait that looks cool and the scan stopped and zoomed in.  whoa, cool, then I lost control and it started scanning again.. very odd.

11pm – 16min


I started about 30 minutes late. Took me a little bit to fall asleep.  I woke with about 20 seconds left on the timer.  I am pretty much wide awake right now, so that is good.

Thus ends day 20 of the Polyphasic Sleep Project

Sleep well,


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