Polyphasic Sleep Day 83 – April 18th 2011

Total Sleep Time: 3 hrs 28 min

4am – 3 hrs 2 min

Started Late about 30 minutes


  • Artesian Water
  • 1 glass of wine
  • ground beef with melted cheese and picante sauce served with chips

I started this a little late and it took at least 5 minutes to fall asleep. I had originally planned a 1.5 hour core, but decided to double it after I woke the 1st time.

7 am – Skipped

Was still asleep at this session

11am – 10 minutes


  • Artesian Water
  • 1 cup of coffee
  • Migas

I fell right to sleep and woke via my cell phone

3pm – Skipped

I was at Main Street Coffee Bar when this time came up and decided to just skip it.

7pm – 8 min

Work-out – Chest


  • Artesian Water
  • 3 Cups of coffee
  • 8oz of Chicken with BBQ sauce

After my work out I went to the hospital to get some coffee.  At home I fell asleep pretty quickly and woke via my cell alarm.

11pm – 8 min

Started Late – about 45 min


  • Artesian Water
  • 3 handfuls of Organic Trail Mix

I fell asleep rather quickly and woke via my cell alarm

Total Sleep Time: 3 hrs 28 min

Thus ends day 83 of the Polyphasic Sleep Project and overall is was a pretty good day; was able to talk with my mother for about an hour today, so that was nice :-)

Sleep Well,


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