Stop the Madness: The Hypocrisy of The Vegan

If you are into Polyphasic Sleep then you will have heard of Steve Pavlina. Well as I was reading one of his many insightful articles I came across this line: “Do I alienate people when I say that torturing and killing defenseless animals for food is wrong?  Perhaps.  But truth is truth”.  Now, I wish there was another way and I am all for the well being of all animals, heck I will carry an insect outside before I will kill it, but when I read that line I knew a story was there.  As I laid down for one of my “naps” I had the following vision in true Polyphasic style.

I am interviewing a middle age man who is a Vegan.  He is talking about the health benefits of eating plants and the unhealthiness of eating the dead flesh of animals and I nod and agree.  During the interview he invites me to view his garden and I of course accept.  We start down a small trail and the man points to right.  Naturally I look and in the distance I see a cow.

The man shakes his head and says, “all those poor creatures, they will be slaughtered next month”.

As we approach the garden the distance cow has seen us and pokes his head through the barbed wire and the man says, “we domesticate these creature claiming it will be better for them when all they want is freedom”. He shakes his head in disgust. We reach the garden and the man pushes back some pea bearing vine that had climbed over his fence.  He smiles and opens the gate for me and I walk in.

The man continues, “the disgusting part is”, he nods in the direction of the the cow, “all the hormones and chemicals we subject them to, it’s just not right”. I nod in agreement.

The man turns to me, “oh, would you hand me that pesticide please”.  I look at him, then the cow, then the pesticide, “umm, sure”.  I give him the container and he starts spraying.

After a few minutes of silence, he says, “and the worst part now, with today’s modern science, is all this gene splicing, making them bigger, manipulating how god made them.  I tell you it is an affront to God”.  I just nod at this point.

The man is now planting some seeds and so I ask, “what are those”?  He opens his hands and shows me, “They are soybeans”.

I laughed out-loud when that vision faded, soybeans are one of the most genetically modified items on this planet.  However,  it got me thinking about something I rarely speak of unless I am called to action and force to defend a flesh eater from the onslaught of something I like to call “The Hypocrisy of The Vegan”.

Sometimes I just don’t understand people and their ritualistic condemnations.  I am of course referring to many modern day Vegans.  I am not saying all, but many are walking, talking, breathing examples of hypocrisy.  I do not contest the value and nutritional quality you receive from eating plants and stuff, my concern is, aren’t most Vegans being hypocrites when they condemn others for “torturing and killing defenseless animals”.  Again I certainly do not wish to cause harm upon anyone or anything or advocate such behavior of killing, but where does this torture line reside.  Of course certainly a screaming animal crying out gets our attention.  However, what if that animal didn’t say a word?  What if the pain it experienced was kept internally, would society stand up to defend this poor animal so fervently?  Many would say of course we would, this poor animal needs our protection, you can see the pain and fear in it’s eyes.  Okay, I will give you that, but what if it had no eyes?  Without all the external indications of pain, suffering, and fear we as a society assume there must not be any.  I speak of course for the millions of plants that are slaughtered everyday.  How someone in casual conversation at the dinner table carves into a poor defenseless plant, all-the-while, this innocent plant howls and it’s pain falls upon deaf ears.  All the while, the conversation continues as this brutality unfolds taking the life force from this plant. If it could run away, you know it would.

One of the ironic comments I have heard from Vegans and I am sure you have too is eating animals is dead food, while eating plants is live food.  Well, shouldn’t that statement alone clue us in to the life and destruction we assault on these plants.   If placed outside, many plants will follow the sun for food.  If you placed an obstacle in the path of the root system of a plant it will probe until it finds the best route around as seen in several time lapse films of this behavior.

There is no question about whether plants are alive or not.  We all agree they are.  However, because their method of communication is alien or so foreign to us that their cry for freedom to end this chaos and suffering goes unheard.  So, the next time you hear someone, usually a Vegan, proclaiming proudly how they personally eat (slaughter, maim, torture, and kill) defenseless plants and condemn you or anyone for eating something someone else killed, I beseech you, in the name of all that is just and pure to stand up for the plants and proudly call out whoever is  spewing forth this bile of hypocritical condemnation with total disregard for their own actions.  At least the animal eater doesn’t chop off a leg of a live animal slowly killing it to feed his/her family.  So I will end this article with a quote from someone we all are familiar with, “why do you look at the splinter in your brothers eye, but paid no heed to the log in your own”.

Stop the Madness,


STM Vegan

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