Blogging – Day 24

Business Blog
Fixed some issues with Google Analytics and corrected them in the article How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress.

I have been back linking the site mainly with searches for Polyphasic blogs.  I tried using twitter for back links to blogs with like articles, but many twitterees don’t really even have blogs.  So, I started searching for terms at google blog search.  There I managed to add some relevant comments that hopefully the moderator will allow.  The problem is my subject material.  Polyphasic Sleep is easy because no one is really selling anything, but Sport Betting, forget it, nearly every blog is trying to sell the latest and best scam strategy.  It is crazy.  So, back linking about Sports Betting is pretty hard.

I applied for some more affiliate programs, just need them to accept.  Apparently they don’t work 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, or are on a Polyphasic sleep schedule.  So, I am forced to wait days for answers sometimes.  I did manage to answer enough questions that my links at Yahoo Answers are now supplied with clickable links.

Oh, and about ezines.  As you know I stopped writing them because you have to get each article approved and stuff like that.  Well, what I have discover is that there are some sites that will steal your entire article and not give you any credit, accept to say the article came from an ezine.  Basically these are bot programs just making content pages for someone.  It is easy to tell because the copied article was really long and the bot only took a portion.  So, the article doesn’t make any real sense on the bot site.

Til tomorrow,

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Personal Blog
I am approaching 100 blog entrees, crazy right?  I mean, I don’t even feel like I have really done anything yet.  Anyway, I did manage to take a nice walk on this beautiful day.  Walking is really an enjoyable task, however if you saw me you might think I was some crazy man. lol.. I usually talk to myself the whole time, speaking out loud.  I try and reduce the volume when someone passes me, but it is nice overall to talk to myself.

Today was Super Bowl XLV (45) and Green Bay won, woot!!  If you followed my picks, then you know I wanted them to win.  I also won my NBA pick today.  That is two days in a row of a perfect record.  It makes me smile just thinking of it.

Well guys, it is time for a nice cold beer and to watch a few hours of Ugly Betty, maybe some Stargate, and possibly a movie on my 60 inch wide screen in full surround sound entertainment wonderland.

See ya tomorrow and have a wonderful day ;-)


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