Blogging – Day 11

First I like to say yesterday was my biggest day in blogging.  Made $7.97 :shock:   That’s right, I am getting into the big bucks now :grin:

I wrote a couple of articles, one was because I got obsessed with comment links and wanted them to open in a new window and I would not be denied!! :roll:

How to Have Comment Links Open in a New Window with WordPress

The next article was about basically how much I like HostGator and I still think that coupon code jdsportsonline is a wonderful savings, since you can actually apply it to the one month sign up, which then makes it totally free for hosting that month and you can cancel at anytime.  Anyway here is the article:

First Step: Who to Host Your Blog & Where to Buy the Domain

As you can see, I discovered the smiley’s in WordPress :???:

I answered some questions on Yahoo, even was voted best answer for two days in a row now.  One of those was about whether Online Gambling was legal or not.  So, I started working on an article about that.  Should have it done tomorrow.

Personal Blog:
I didn’t go workout today.  I have this vertebra, that likes to move about once a year and if I immediately drop to the ground and start working on it, I can usually be back to 100% in a day or two.  Well, yesterday, it acted up on me so today I was going to just take it easy.

I went shopping at HEB and wanted to buy a nice rotisserie chicken, but you know me, I had to read the ingredients.  Autolyzed Yeast Extract, which we all know contains glutamic acid, the same culprit in MSG.  So, I naturally skipped those yummo chickens and bought me a little one of my own.  Brought it home:

  • turned the oven to 350
  • got my big blue pot thingy
  • filled it with two inches of spring water
  • after taking out the innards, I rinsed the bird off, and placed him in the pot
  • I added some broken up organic pasta around the sides in the water
  • I added some chopped organic onions
  • added some fresh chopped garlic
  • added some organic spinach around it, in the water
  • poured some olive oil on it
  • added some organic butter
  • added a lot of garlic powder
  • added a lot of cayenne pepper
  • added a lot of sea salt
  • Then I cooked it for 90 minutes and it was yuuuummmmmoooooo!!

After it was done and cooled I de-boned the bird and placed in a sealed container in the frig and of course I also have a wonderful chicken noodle soup.  It was quick to prepare and so good.  I am so stuffed right now.  Oh, and one little tip I learned for a wonderful woman.  She said, for basically any type of perishable food, just put it in the freezer. That way it won’t stink up the house.  In-genius!! Of course I always wrap it in foil or something and that is where them there bones lie right now.  Besides my cat, Callie, well just pull them out of the trash anyway.

Well, guys and gals, it is time, once again, for a nice hot shower and an ice cold beer or two.

G’night and see ya tomorrow,

JD :cool:

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