Blogging – Day 13

Day 13 of the blog and another record day yesterday of $11.47.  Of course non of the monies have been actually received and I have read horror stories of Adsense banning people.  So, who knows, I guess time will tell.  I just hope they understand that just because most of my traffic is local that it is actual people checking out the site.  That is the power of personal networking.

I was supposed to get twitter going to see if I could drum up some more traffic but I spent most of my time doing personal networking and fixing many things on the site.  For instance I discovered that titles are not being used as part of a search in Google.  I always figured the title would be included in the search, so I didn’t bother restating the title in the body of an article, but after doing some testing I discover many of my articles that were indexed by google were not coming out in searches.  So, I was correcting that.  Now, my site is indexed at least once a day, so we shall see if google picks up the pages I changed.  I know it would if I was a standard website, but not sure about a blog.

Something I was also not aware of was Adsense requires a privacy policy, so I wrote one of those, you can see the link at the very bottom of the site, but here is it also:

Privacy Policy

While answering a question for someone on the Arras forum, I realized I never put the answer here, so I added that:

How to Change the Font & Font Size of the Site

I have also started a new project, but haven’t made the categories yet for the site.  That project is polyphasic sleep.  Exciting stuff!!

Personal Blog
As you just read I am starting Polyphasic sleep.  This type of sleep most people believe it is impossible, so we shall see.  I will start with sleeping 25 min or less every 3 hours and eventually get to 10-15 min every 3 hours; which of course is 1hr to 1.5hrs of sleep a day :shock: .  I know crazy, right.  I will record each day and let you guys know how I am doing and y’all shall bare witness to may insanity.  Of course most say the hardest is the first week, so we shall see if I am able to overcome this hurdle.

I am a little concerned about my getting in my nightly beer. hmm.  I am about 30 minutes away from my next sleep cycle.  Well, I think I will still drink that beer.  Hey, ya gotta have priorities.

I did have a nice surprise today as Elizabeth brought me this really nice sour cream chicken casserole thing.  It was might tasty :-)   I will probably be eating it all through the night.

Well, guys, I am sure I will be working through the night, if I wake up, lol.  So, I shall sign off from my daily report.

G’night and see ya tomorrow,


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