Blogging – Day 17

Yesterday was a new record day of income $16.46.  Not bad, when you consider that is all coming from only Adsense, Chitika, and AdBrite.  I still haven’t done anything with the affiliate side, but eventually I will.  You know me, I seem to start down a road and then bam! I have to make a new favicon.  Trying to stay focused, but there is just so many avenues to blog about, to put so much information down is rather time consuming.

Anyway, getting back to favicon, I always wondered how you make that little logo thingy next to the url on the top.  I actually didn’t think it was going to be so difficult.  Of course, it seems everything is.  Well, I simplified it for ya, so even someone with little knowledge should be able to follow.  However, if something is unclear please let me know so I can correct it.  Here is the article:

How to Change the Favicon.ico

I finally signed up with twitter.  You can follow me here JDSportsOnline

I manage to find Twitter Feed, it will automatically tweet my blog feeds into twitter, so that is a really nice service.  Of course it is also free :-)

The Polyphasic Sleep project is going good, but right now I seem a little of out it.  I can’t focus and just writing this entry is taxing.  It is 2:12am, right this second and I will be going to sleep at 3am for 18 minutes, so that will be nice.

Personal Blog:
As you just read I am kind of out of it, not-to-mention the days seem to run together.  Eventually I am sure I will get a grip on all this.

This morning it was stormy, but by the afternoon, the sun was out and it was around 68 degrees; very nice weather.  I spent most of the day promoting the site, one on one, but I did manage to talk further about building a quick blog for someone.  Now, I realize this is more of a JDSports thing and not a personal blog, but it was Elizabeth who was interested.  So, who knows, she may be my first client. :-)

Well guys, I’m fading fast and I still have to proof read this and make sure the links work and ya da, ya da.  I guess I will leave you with, well, idk, let’s see what weird brain says.

In this world we look outward, as-well-as inward, and never do we see the same image.

Ya, I know, who knows what that means, I am too tired to figure out why my mind said that right now.

G’night and see ya tomorrow,


P.S. Oh, I get it now what me brain was saying, after I read it slowly.

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