Blogging – Day 18

It is Black Monday here at JD Sports Online.  Google Adsense beat us down with their ad police and left us for dead lying in our own self-worth.  However, with resilience and time (oh about 5 min) we rebounded to our feet ready to fight again.  However, we quickly passed out from the Polyphasic Sleep Project.

In all, well, somewhat seriousness, Adsense has banned us from using their adds due to suspicious activity.  It was something I had voiced a concern about before because of the nature of my marketing campaign.  Although traffic was growing from around the world to the site, close to 100 people everyday now,  still, as of right now Bay City represented 60% of that traffic and 80% of my advertising clicks came from local people.

So, what have we learned, person to person marketing, although very effective in driving people to a new site, it isn’t conducive to banner click ads.  However, it would be great for affiliate marketing and several of you guys have ask me, “so where do I go to buy something from you?”  Since all my information is free, I hadn’t really moved into the product line and affiliates yet.  I will eventually, however giving free quality information is my first concern.

Now, what does this mean for Chitika and AdBrite, the other click advertising, umm, they have less competition? :-)   I am not sure what they will do.  But we will find out and I will keep you informed.

Personal Blog
Personal thoughts are a physical manifestation of our mind within the confines of it’s own reality.

Got me a beer for this one.  Let see, what was me brain trying to convey. hmm…  Well, I would gander a guess that thoughts are direct creations of the mind, however the mind doesn’t have arms or any such implements, so thoughts would be the arms, the legs, tools to create.  So, personal thoughts are a physical manifestation of our mind; okay, makes sense, I buy that.  Ah, and adding within the confines of it’s own reality, basically strengthen the first statement, because we are not supposed to look outside of that reality… But seriously, who talks like that?

Anyway, if anyone thinks it could mean something else please leave comment about it.

Well, it is almost time for a nap, guess I will let you guys get back to hibernation, see ya tomorrow,


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