Blogging – Day 23

Still working behind the scenes, adding more plugins to help with managing the site.  WP Auto Affiliate Links creates links for key words.  For example I am going to type a key word and it will auto supply the link that I have determined for that word.  The example key word is rake back, however, interesting enough if you have a period after the word it will work as in rake back.  Furthermore if the word is bolded as in rake back, it will not link and just in-case you might think it is because there are too many rake back words, well there you see the link created again.

Another one I picked up was Thank Me Later.  It basically sends an email to anyone leaving a comment, letting them know I will be moderating their comment shortly.

I am still answering questions on Yahoo Answers, soon I will be moving up a level and then all my links will become active.  Currently if someone wants to get more information they have to copy and paste, however once I move up in levels then the links will be clickable.

I dropped twitterfeed in favor of Feedburner.  For some reason Twitterfeed wasn’t picking up all my feed articles.

Personal Blog
I did manage to make it to Whataburger and Main Street Coffee Bar for my Saturday ritual, however, spent most of the time working on other projects and didn’t really speak to anyone.  Well, except the employees Levi and Joy.  It was a beautiful day, but for the most part my mood has been melancholy of late.  Although all my picks won tonight, I forgot about that :-D   And in-the-end I guess it has turned into a nice evening.

It is time for… oh… wait, I just had a beer.  Crap tomorrow is the Super Bowl, hmm… brb… okay, yes I have enough beer.  I am going to have a solo Super Bowl party! woot!!

Well, I am heading downstairs for a nice shower and some more “Ugly Betty”

See ya guys tomorrow,


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