Blogging – Day 27

Business blog
Adsense is way more than just a way to generate income.  Even if you never use it by posting a prominent ad, the thing it does is index your site everyday.  Now, if you are a huge site with lots of pages and lots of traffic, google will probable index you every few days.  However, being indexed every day is a huge advantage, especially for blogs that have new information coming out daily.  So, if you have information you want indexed less than 5-10 days, you need to get yourself an Adsense account.

I added the Feedburner email feed subscriptions. That is a real nice little feature.  For everyone that subscribes an email is sent out once a day that lists any new articles.  At least that is what I perceive it does.  I signed up with another email address so I will see what happens.  Anyway, they give you the code to put box forms on your sight, but I didn’t like them, so I used words instead.  You will notice I added this option near the feed button in the top right hand corner.  I also added it the bottom of every post by editing the post.php.  If you scroll down you will see the option there.

LinkShare_125x125ButtonV1I picked up LinkShare as an Affiliate Network and Peerfly.  I have to say I really like the Peerfly referral program over  LinkShare.  However, I am still added markets and haven’t really looked into them too closely.

I will be using an iframe image at the top to see how the new email subscriptions work when they are mailed.  Right now using iframes at the top means feeds such as “Latest Articles from JD Sports Online feed” on the right column will display “format doesn’t support iframes” as you can see.  It used to be in Spanish since the plugin was made that way, but I changed it.  Anyway, since the feed says that at the start, it also posts it on twitter and any other place my feed goes to.  So, I have been not using affiliates such as Amazon and a few others in the top banner.  However, for this post I will to see how the email subscriptions handle it.

Personal Blog
Today was a crazy day.  I slept in and just as everything was going good bam something else happens.  It just seems to be the circle of emotional life.

Another cold front came in, so I didn’t even go work-out or anything; just stayed home, worked on the site.  Watched a youtube video of a guy that took over someones Windows Live Messenger account, then proceeded to be that person.  He only used a couple of programs while chatting with the person, a couple of clicks, and about 2 minutes and the program came back with the person’s password.  Crazy world, so be careful chatting with people you don’t know.

Oh, and still watching Ugly Betty, well I do watch that new Spartacus series, watching the second season now.  I watch it on the Roku, the latest episodes come out on Sundays. Well, it is time for a beer, maybe a half rack of ribs ;-)

Have a wonderful day, and see you guys tomorrow,


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