Blogging Day 41 Feb 23, 2011

Business Blog
Due to the personal blog issues, I didn’t really do much of anything on the business side of the blog.

Personal Blog
Where to begin… It seems a life time ago, this argument between Elizabeth and I. Although I must admit this was my fault and I should have stopped it before it went too far for I know Elizabeth.   Some arguments destroy relationships and some make them stronger.  Our relationship is extremely complex for we are two different people in many aspects with a common desire for love.  For the most part we can work through them, but every now and then a fight between us breaks out the threatens to destroy us both.   To write about our difference would take a lifetime it seems, however maybe I can tell it in a story…

In-walks Elizabeth, Long Firy hair with the disposition to back it up.  She is strong and proud and makes love with a passion to light the night sky.  She will fight to the death for you and stand her ground no matter the cost.  She will not give an inch of ground without a fierce battle.  If you plan to argue with her be forewarned, this is war to her, kill or be killed, no quarter asked and non is given so do not come ill equipped. Her weapons: two swords.

Enter stage: JD, a man capable of winning any battle no matter where the ground beneath his feet he may find himself.  So skilled is his mind that even when you think you have won, you have lost; a man of  understanding, compassion, and most importantly, logic.  His weapons: sword and shield.

The gauntlet had already been tossed and Elizabeth feeling threatened launched into an attack of epic proportions.  JD staggered from the onslaught, it has taken his entire strength and skill just to defend against her.  Never before has he witnessed such ferocity.  Blow after blow she reigned down on him, his shield cracked, his arm numbed.  He can not take much more before she breaks through his defenses and deals a killing blow.  Slowly her strength began to wane, her breath was ragged, and her eyes were fierce.  She stepped back and stared intently at the man before her.  For all her ferocity, for all her strength, this man that was JD still stood, battered, beaten, and bloodied but still there.  The strength  in his eyes  told her,  he loved her no matter what.  He lowered his shield and let it fall to the ground, the ring of his sword as it struck the  ground, echoed.  He stood before her, defenseless.  He slowly spread his arms wide.  Elizabeth’s breathing had slowed and her eyes focused for a moment and then they widen at the sight of him. What had she done.  She dropped her swords and ran to his arms and they embraced and become one….

I will always love you Elizabeth,


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