Blogging Day 43 & 44 Feb 25 & 26, 2011

Business Blog
After receiving daily spams through my contact form I finally decided to just made a contact page and use an email cloaker that I picked up from  There were a couple of tricks to make it work properly on a WordPress page, so I will be making a video about it soon.

I added a new affiliate in Bodog:

I added a new section to the website called Musings.  I am thinking of starting a new series of writing called “Stop the Madness”.  The first article of this series is Stop the Madness: The Hypocrisy of The Vegan.  You can imagine how much material there is in this genre; between the FDA, Big Pharma, and Politicians there is enough dissemination of false information to last a life time, not to mention the blatant hypocrisy of it all… Stop the Madness…

I finally fixed the issues with Internet Explorer and loading my home page in WordPress.  It was having all kinds of issues.  It appears to be working fine now.  My fix was to deactivate the following plugin: W3 Total Cache.  My validation errors for IE dropped from 84 to about 63 immediately, according to this validation site: Markup Validation Service.  My site functioned fine for Firefox and Chrome, it was just having issues with IE, but now it is all hunky dory.

I also streamed lined the sidebar and removed some junk stuff and put the sign up email subscription form at the end of each article, as-well-as, my donation form.

Personal Blog 02042011

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Personal Blog
umm… you know, for Friday, which was nearly 2 days ago, I really just can’t remember too much.  I mean I worked on the site.  Did a lot of little stuff and some big stuff.  Went and worked-out, talked to Elizabeth, did some laundry, I just can’t really remember too many details.  Maybe because I have the music blaring in the background and it is way into the next day and I am trying to remember back.  I thought about just making this a double entry.  As-in, a Friday-Saturday entry.  But I decided I would just finish… umm… you know what, I think I will do that.  Well, that is refreshing, just change the title and relax :-)   I’m stoked.. Wow, that expression just brought back an image of me being in the paper for surfing when I was around 5-7 years old.  I think I will get those photos and load them up.  I think that deserves a beer.

Well, that beer was nice, but now I think I need another one… lol…  Anyway, this Saturday started off a little crazy.  Waking up late and then running out the door to make sure I got my taquito from Whataburger before they stopped serving breakfast.  It was good once again.  I so enjoy just closing my eyes and enjoying the full force of flavors, damn, my mouth is watering for one right now, and it is 1:27am so Whataburger is serving breakfast again :-)   Elizabeth was in Houston, as she had to work, but we stayed in touch via text while I was at Whataburger until she got called away.  I then headed over Main Street Coffee Bar and it was a little crowded when I got there.  However, as lunch came to an end it started to clear out.  I went ahead and filmed the place so I can either make a video or use it for pictures and make a page dedicated to them, complete with menus and stuff.  Anyway, it is on the list todo.  I cut my usual time short and went next door to the Heath Food Cottage and picked up a few things and headed home.

Now it is time to finish up here and then have a beer, maybe cook a pizza and watch Daybreakers on my Roku as it just got put on the Netflix Instant Watch.  Then I will probably watch some T.V. series, that is of course if I don’t fall asleep something during all this.

Life is too short not to live,


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