Blogging Day 50 March 04, 2011

Business Blog
So, I get some email about this Webinar by Overvault and decide to search for the guy that will be speaking Mike Colella.  This led me to this interview with him at Mixergy.  Now the interview below is over an hour long and he during it Mike mentions using Clickbank and Adwords well now-a-days that can no longer really happen as Adwords will ban your account, however, it doesn’t mean there wasn’t a lot of interesting information on Contextual Affiliate Marketing, so much info that in fact, I almost started another project.  I still may do one, but I will wait until after the Webinar before I make my final decision.  If I did a project it would be to take $200 and either lose it or make $5,000 whichever came first.

Personal Blog
Yesterday T-Mobile told me to go to Wal-mart today to pick up an microSD memory card for my Motorola Charm.  Well, when I got there the Wal-mart guy said they do not do that sort of thing; that I would need to go to a T-Mobile store.  So, I leave and call T-Mobile.  The customer service rep says, I don’t know why they said for you to go to a store, you need to call Motorola because they handle that sort of thing.  So, I call Motorola and the guy says, I’m sorry you need to call T-Mobile. lol…  Anyway, after talking to the guy for a while he put me on hold to talk with a supervisor.  He came back and asked for my address and then said, “okay we’re sending you one.”  Well, I sure hope he got my address correct because he went through it rather quickly and I didn’t slow him down, because he didn’t mention he wanted this information so he could send the microSD memory thing.  I mean the last thing he said was that they could not send it to me and I guess they changed their minds.  Anyway, it turns out that my entire hour or so conversation with T-Mobile yesterday was totally a waste of time as every piece of information they gave me was incorrect.  Even the fact that my plan, myfav 5 plan, which usually has icons on the phone so I can change the people who are myfav is not supported on this phone, which means I have to change the people online.

Told by T-Mobile Customer Service:

  • Go to Wal-mart to pick up a microSD Memory Card – incorrect
  • Your phone supports your plan, you just need to make the online adjustments and save it, then restart your phone and you will have the icons for it – again incorrect
  • Once at Wal-mart they will be able to transfer all your photos to the new phone – incorrect and worse can’t be done without the microSD Memory Card
  • Wal-mart & Radio Shack, both in Bay City Tx can help you with all your questions since they are an T-Mobile store – Both are incorrect

However, besides the issues with T-Mobile customer service the phone is great!  I was talking on the phone and browsing the internet at the same time, which is cool.   There are just so many nice things about this phone, definitely a step up from my other one.

All day tonight I was so drained and tired.  I just couldn’t wake up.  Everything was putting me to sleep and I wondered if maybe Polyphasic was finally getting to me.  So, I was updating the Polyphasic Sleep Project and thought, it sure has been quiet today, so I went over to my little “Wake You Ass Up” playlist and by the time Katy Perry and Black Eyed Peas started to play I was wide awake.  How crazy it that.  This whole day I was just music deprived.  So, perhaps the true secret to Polyphasic Sleep is, do you have music in your life?

Alright guys, that time of night is here, that’s right, the effervescence quality of beer.  It is a marvel of human ingenuity and I am all about that tonight.  You guys take care and get some music in your life.

G’night and have a wonderful day or night.

Life is too short not to live long,


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