Blogging Day 51 March 05, 2011

Business Blog
So it turns out all my cool Amazon carousel ads are flash driven and thus anything “I” as in IPad, IPhone, IBook, or even Androids, like my new phone, do not see flash.  Now the Skyfire browser will allow the I-guys to see them as-well-as all flash video, however not too many people even know this.  This link to Skyfire will take you directly to them so ya can check them out for yourself if you are interested.  Too bad they don’t have an affiliate program.  It is supposedly free anyway for Android, but I believe there is $2 fee for the I-guys.

Anyway as a result of flash being such a issue for I-guys I will be discontinuing those type of ads.  Which also probably means that my Feedburner issues will now go away thus making AWeber an unnecessary expense.  I will be testing this and let ya know.

Personal Blog
Still watching Dirty Sexy Money: Season 2, as this second season is still going strong at holding my interest.  However, as the women begin to cheat on their significant other, the occasional “WTF!” escapes my lips.  Sometimes I have to pause and shake my head.  I know it is a TV show, but still, what is wrong with all these women in nearly every TV show cheating? Why do we as a society feel it is sexy or cool to accept this, so much so, that writers everywhere put it into so many scripts. It is amazing how prevalent this is in nearly all TV shows and movies. It is no wonder so many women feel the need to find “comfort” with another as they are bombarded with these images of glorification of this type of behavior as being somehow sexy or independent or somehow “okay”.  I guess if it was a total lie we would be more outraged, so bewared men, according to our favorite entertainment medium the TV your women will cheat on you.  So, turn the damn thing off and pay attention, before you are the next victim to their apparent rampant desire to sleep with every man they see.  Just kidding, I know “all” woman aren’t this way or men for that matter, but still you can see how we are a society of excess including our sexual desire.  I for one, want the one woman.  The one I will spend the rest of my life with who cherishes me as much as I cherish her.

Today was my weekly excursion into the world of people.  Yes, I do go work-out during the week or I might run to the grocery store, but I rarely speak to a single person, except for the occasional hello and the check out person with their customary “did you find everything you need?”  My mind always pauses for a moment as it scans all my needs of love, being cherished, and so on, then it moves on to trying to determine if a desire is a need and thus a debate begins in my mind on the value of need vs desire and in the second this all happens, I respond with the customary, “Yep, sure did, thanks for asking” with the customary smile.  However, today was the day ideas give voice and actual verbal debate instead of the mental daily debate I am a customed to. The only good thing about debate with yourself is you are never wrong.  My first stop of course was Whataburger where I ate my potato, egg, & cheese taquito, as I closed my eyes, I let the full experience of the flavors wash through my mind; somethings in life are just small marvels.  Then I headed to Main Street Coffee Bar in Bay City TX.  I gave Joy his DVD he ordered from Amazon and talked for a while with the local “dudes” as they sauntered up to the bar to speak their mind of the current affairs of this country and foreign policy.  The laughter and camaraderie was a heart warming experience, but eventually the time came and I had to leave.

As the night comes to an end, I might actually be getting sick, not sure yet.  This would be a huge issue as I have not had so much as a cold since before sometime in 2005.  My symptoms, well, I seem to cough once an hour or so.  I mean nothing like OMG, but I never get sick, so OMG! lol… We will see what tomorrow brings.

All this sick talks make me want to take a shot of tequila. :-) Yep, think I will do that, add some Louisiana hot sauce to the tequila and shoot away.  Well, just one and then of course have a beer chaser.  Ah, life is so difficult sometimes…

Let see what was released to Netflix Instant Watch today so I can view via my Roku:

Well, it is dinner time (2:10 am) and tonight will be a wonderful Newman’s Own All Natural Uncured Pepperoni Pizza. Wow! crazy, so I searched for it under Amazon thinking I would make a link and instead I got a link to the Newman’s own website that enabled me to print out a coupon for $1.00 off.  How cool is that!  Here is the link Newman’s Own coupon.

G’night and have a wonderful day or night.

Life is too short not to live long,


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