Blogging Day 74 March 28, 2011

March Madness at BetOnline

Business Blog
Well my article finally got accepted at Street  I then submitted another one and it got accepted.

I am thinking about dropping the click ads of Adbrite or actually putting them at the very top of the page to see if that gives me more income for each impressions.  Right now the revenue has dropped way down and they just are not worth the space.

Personal Blog
Once again I find myself at some sort of cross roads wondering where my life is heading.  It is a very strange experience for someone like me who knows who he is, knows where he is going, and even knows how to get there and yet feels so lost.  Crazy world we live in…

Today’s Entertainment review is still on Army Wives.  I think I may slow down a little though as I need to finish up the Major League Baseball page, since the season starts for me on April 1st this year.

Little Notes:

  • Although I blog everyday and write about personal issues, still so much of me is hidden in secrecy and I get the feeling that may be changing soon however, like the mushroom, I am always kept in the dark it seems.

Checking Netflix Instant Watch releases and adding the following to my queue:

  • Nothing to add today.

To view my Netflix Instant Watch feed, just click the link, keep in mind, there are 500 TV or Movies listed.

I know this is blasphemy but I am pondering the notion of not drinking a beer tonight.  My reasoning is, I only have 3 days left this month and I am still 5.5 hours down from making it under 3 hours a day of sleep in the Polyphasic Sleep Project.  So, I am thinking maybe I won’t get so relaxed tonight and I will be able to knock out a 1 hour day of sleep.  Wish me luck.

G’night and have a wonderful day or night.

Life is too short not to live long,


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