Blogging Day 77 March 31, 2011

Business Blog
Yesterday’s top viewing country outside of the US was: Canada
Yesterday’s top viewing State, excluding Bay City peeps was: Virginia
Yesterday’s top viewing page: Polyphasic Sleep Day 63

I finished linking up the MLB Season section of the Website; getting ready since tomorrow actually begins my MLB Season.

On another note I ordered my equipment for JD’s Auto Unlock and should be starting that company soon.  Tomorrow I will probably file my assumed name certificate with the county.

Personal Blog
I watched the first episode of Saving Grace:
I have to say, I didn’t really enjoy it.  I like Holly Hunter and the supporting cast, but I really didn’t like Holly’s character, which is kind of a good thing, since it means she is doing a great job at acting, but still doesn’t make me feel any bettor.  I may give it one more try, but I just don’t feel very compelled to continue watching it.  I ended up switching back over to Army Wives: Season 2, much bettor series so far.

On a self-destructive path, police Detective Grace Hanadarko (Holly Hunter) hits bottom after a drunken driving accident, jolting her into asking for guidance. Her plea is answered by quirky angel Earl (Leon Rippy), who offers to help steer her back onto a healthy course. No easy task, considering Grace’s life has become a complete shambles. Kenneth Johnson and Laura San Giacomo co-star in this provocative, Emmy-nominated TNT drama.

Holly Hunter, Leon Rippy, Kenny Johnson, Laura San Giacomo, Bokeem Woodbine

Little Notes:

  • I learned today that many “new” cars have smart keys in them that will not lock the doors if the key is anywhere inside the car, even the trunk.  So, locking your keys in those cars in almost impossible.  Which is not good if you are trying to start a business of unlocking doors with the keys inside.

Checking Netflix Instant Watch releases and adding the following to my queue:

  • Galgameth - A fun little Popcorn movie (hopefully)

To view my Netflix Instant Watch feed, just click the link, keep in mind, there are 500 TV or Movies listed.

At the mention of popcorn above I knew what my dinner will consist of, popcorn & beer!  Talk to you guys later it is time to get in my “cave”… lol… and watch some TV.

G’night and have a wonderful day or night.

Life is too short not to live long,



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