Polyphasic Sleep – Day 2

Total Sleep Time: 2hr 40 min

2am – 11 min
I set the timer for 30 minutes, thinking I would fall asleep in the next 5 minutes or so, but nope.  At 21 minutes left I stared at the timer watching the seconds pass.  I closed my eyes again and within a couple of minutes I started to dream, but I wasn’t quite asleep.  I was wading in waist high water in the middle of a neighborhood with a head set on trying to help people, then the dream jumped to where I was sitting in my truck on a deserted street except for the reindeer going by with big elephant ears pulling a sleigh.  I remember thinking, this is a weird dream.  I opened my eyes and the time was 11 minutes left.  After that I fell asleep until the timer went off.

5am – 40 min
My eyes are hurting and this time I fell asleep within the first 10 minutes which means I got about 20 minutes of sleep.

I thought I would rest my eyes for a moment and laid down for what I thought was just a moment and fell right to sleep.  I was out for another 20 minutes.

8am – 28 min
I was out in probably under five minutes.  Each time I wake, I am somewhat disoriented.  It usually passes in a moment or two.  Right now my eyes are heavy and sore.

I usually have two wonderful cups of organic coffee, but today, I am going to skip this…

11am – 18 min
Went right to sleep, woke up with 11 minutes left, so fell back to sleep.  I am energized and ready to go.

2pm – 15 min
I was doing my person to person marketing when the time arrived.  So, I pulled over into a parking lot and slept for 15 minutes.  Felt okay when I woke

5pm – 20 min
I was still out so pulled my truck over a slept again for 20 minutes this time.  I woke with a small head aches that quickly went away.  However, as the time approached I got extremely tired and it seemed things started to get a little blurry

8pm – 28 min
I seems to be going to sleep right away.  Right when I close my eyes, I see shapes like in a fog.  Then they become clearer and the next thing I realize, I am dreaming and my timer is going off to wake up.

11pm – 00 min
So I laid down ready to go to sleep, but I was thinking about Commission Junction and just couldn’t get it out of my head.  I never fell asleep, just stared at the timer.  My eyes are hurting right now, but I am not too tired.  We shall see if I can make it to the next sleep time.

Total Sleep Time: 2hr 40 min

Day 2 of Polyphasic Sleep is in the record books,


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