Polyphasic Sleep – Day 3

Total Sleep for the day: 3hr 24min

2am – 25 min
After not being able to sleep during the 11pm yesterday,  I thought I might not make it to 2am, but it all worked out and I fell asleep rather quickly.

5am – 2 hrs
So, everything is going fine, I set the timer and fall asleep, but I guess I pretended the timer was a snooze button, because the next thing I knew it was 7:04 :shock:   So, I jumped up starring at the evil couch of sleep.  Started rushing to get ready, then I realize, um, get ready for what? Very strange for a moment there I thought I was late for something.  As I type this from the evil/wonderful couch of sleep, I can not stop yawning and keep telling myself, just go to sleep.  Ah, but soon it will be 8am and blessed sleep shall envelope me again :-)

8am – 20 min
Everything went smooth, but I don’t really feel like getting up and my eyes hurt again.

10am – 15 min
Oops for some reason I was thinking I needed to sleep at 10am, so I did, probably was just really tired and wanted to. Anyway, so I just woke from the 10am and will try and skip the 11am.  I only slept 15 minutes this time.

2pm – 12 min
I went ahead and made some coffee, I know, probably not the best idea and when I laid down for the 2pm sleep, I was wide awake.  I set my timer for 20 minutes, turned my phone to silent, and closed my eyes.  Nearly immediately my breathing became deeper and I yawned.  Within moments I realized I was dreaming as I came out of a dream.  I let my mind drift down again and woke with 6 minutes left on the timer.  I turned off the timer and sat up. So about 12 minutes of sleep.

5pm – 0 min
Happen to be out of the house so I pulled into a school parking lot and put my seat back.  I closed my eyes, but sleep never came.  I did manage to get to a nice relaxed meditative state for 15 minutes.  Once 15 minutes passed I decided to just sit up and continue.  So no sleep, not sure how this will effect me later.

8pm – 12 min
I turned off all the lights and got all comfy under my nice electric blanket.  Callie, my cat, curled into a ball in my lap.  I turned on my box fan to drowned out all the noise, set my timer for 20 minutes and closed my eyes.  I woke with 6 minutes left.  I sat up, turned off the fan and started blogging. So, about another 12 minutes of sleep.

11pm – 0 min
Hmm, that was strange.  Again, I just couldn’t fall asleep.  I did my normal routine, but I almost feel wired, like I had a bunch of coffee or something.  Right now I feel wide awake.  I don’t know weird.

Total Sleep for the day: 3hr 24min

Thus ends day 3 of the Polyphasic Sleep Project,


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