Polyphasic Sleep Day 44

Total Sleep Time: 10 hrs 44 min

3am – 3 hrs 23 min


  • Artesian Water
  • 1 organic orange

Well, keeping in true form coming off a under 2 hour day, I overslept.  Without a backup alarm it is very hard.  However I have since plugged in some speakers into my Acer Netbook and I should not be able to use the alarm from the Online Clock.  At least I feel very well rested :)

6am – Skip

I was still sleeping at this time.  My next time should be at 3pm, since I not on Uberman, but JDMan.  I will try to get back to Uberman tomorrow as I need to make up some time.

11am – 18min


  • Artesian Water
  • 3 cups of coffee
  • Migas taco

I was supposed to skip this time slot, but I was so tired that I thought I would just lay down.  I went right to sleep and woke via my cell phone.

3pm – 13 min


  • Artesian Water
  • Protein shake made with unsweetened coconut milk

I got really sleepy as this time arrived.  I fell asleep rather quickly, but at 12 minutes left, my cat Callie, decided she would launch herself off an office chair and land right on my stomach.  That immediately woke me up and the air left my lungs with a whooshing sound.  Luckily she is a small and light cat.  It took a while, but eventually I went back to sleep.  I woke, fully refreshed and feel really good.  No brain fog or anything.

7pm – 10 min

Started Late – about 45 min


  • Artesian Water
  • chopped potatoes, onions, hamburger meat, sour cream, and flour tortillas

I went right to sleep, almost had control of a dream, but my dream kicked me out.  I was deep in a cavern and some expedition was exploring and thought this will be cool, but then someone shined a flashlight in my eyes and said, “you are not supposed to be here” and the dream vanished. I woke with 8 minutes left to an unknown caller which I didn’t answer.

11pm – 6 hrs 41 min

Started Late – about 1hr 30 min


  • Artesian Water
  • 1 beer
  • 2 organic potatoes thinly sliced and deep fried (Yummo!)
  • 1 Steak without hormones placed directly on center rack in oven (Yummo)

Whoa! lol… did I ever oversleep!  That is crazy!  I believe that is the longest I have slept since I started this whole thing… crazy… Anyway, I feel very good now, lol.  The thing about Polyphasic sleep is sometimes you will have these long “naps”.  Keep in mind, although most of us use Polyphasic to lessen the amount of sleep needed, Polyphasic sleep is about learning to sleep multiple times throughout a given period and usually discovering the limits of yourself.  For example, I reported earlier, one of the hardest things was waking, sleeping, waking, sleeping, this continued cycle was wearing my mind down, however now, it doesn’t even phase me.  I don’t know when I got used to it, but now I hardly am even aware of this as an issue.  Whereas, it used to be a prevalent problem. So-much-so, that it almost had me stop Polyphasic, and now, it is not an issue at all.

I was late to this “nap” because I was watching Kyle XY: Season 2.  I went to sleep quickly and woke to my cell alarm.  I turned it off and fell right back to sleep.  My computer alarm went off and I got up and turned it off, but laid back down and fell asleep again, from there, I slept until I finally woke on my own.

On a sad note, I slept while the earthquake and tsunami hit the Japanese coast. Such devastation and I am currently concerned about that nuclear plant that can’t cool their rods.  I hope the news source was somehow mistaken and hopefully it is under control as of me typing this.  My prayers are with you guys.

Total Sleep Time: 10 hrs 44 min

Thus ends day 44 of the Polyphasic Sleep Project and with that long sleep, my goal of under 3 hours a day for the month seem to not be attainable, however I will continue the good fight and we shall see this to the end.

Sleep Well,


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