Polyphasic Sleep – Day 5

Total Sleep Time: 3hr 46 Min

Day 5 of Polyphasic Sleep has me changing my schedule to only 6 sessions a day.  So my new times are 3-7-11, sleeping 15-18 minutes every 4 hours.  This change is moving more in-line with the Uberman sleep schedule, now that I have been doing this for a few days.

3am – 0min
Although, I did not sleep, I did go into a strange state.  I was aware the whole time and yet I was seeing images like I was dreaming.  I can manipulate the “visions” as I am completely aware and awake.  Usually when this type of non sleep happens, I am fully rested and wide awake when the timer ends and this morning is no different.  I may increase the timer to 25 minutes to give me a couple of minutes to fall asleep and still get in 20 minutes, since I dropped from 8 times a day to six.  However, for now, I will still leave the timer at 2o minutes.

7am – 2hrs 12min
I tried to make it to 7am but a little after 5am I had to get some rest… well, I didn’t even bother to set the timer.  I just fell asleep.  This time of the night seems to be the hardest for me.

8am – 1hr 5min
Well today has been a total crash and burn.  I feel wide awake and great now, but I haven’t been able to stay on schedule.  I wonder what the rest of this Sunday will bring.

11am – 18 min
That was better.  I was yawning and getting sleepy.  Actually fell asleep this time and was dreaming before I drifted off to actual sleep.  I feel refresh, no weird feelings.

3pm – 5 min
I am saying 5 minutes, but I never really slept.  I pulled over into a parking lot and would fall into a deep relaxed state, but only a couple of times did I have very vivid dreams, but there was a lot of noise so I would quickly fall out of a crisp “dream” and only see a murky shadow dream where I am awake, but not really.  Anyway, I watched the clock quite a lot.  I ended it early since it was apparent I wasn’t going to go completely to sleep.

7pm – 18 min
I went right to sleep.  It seemed like I just put the timer on and next thing I knew, I was turning it off… I feel pretty good.

11pm – 5min
I am adding 5 minutes but all I did was lay down and watch the kaleidoscope of strange blue silk visions pass before me.  With my eyes closed I was kind of “seeing” the room in a dark blue soft light.  Waves of light would ripple from me and I could see my surroundings.  I even put my hand over my eyes at one time to make sure they were closed; very strange experience.  I am sure it was just my mind remember what it looked like in here before I shut my eyes, but it was still eerie.

Thus ends day 5 of Polyphasic sleep.

Sleep well,


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