Polyphasic Sleep – Day 6

Day 6 of Polyphasic Sleep
Total Sleep Time: 4hr 0min

3am – 18min
I don’t remember any dreams.  I laid down and was probably a sleep in less than 2 minutes and the next thing I knew the timer was going off.  Now begins the hard part.   This 3am-7am is usually when I get too tired and fall asleep longer than I should. Right now, I am very tired, so we shall see how it does.

4am -18min
I couldn’t take the tiredness.  Even now I can barely keep my eyes open.  So I took another nap.   I still feel like I need another nap.

8am-3hrs 12min
Wow! I totally blew this day.  I have to figure out how to make it over this hurdle from 3am-7am.  I am not sure how to do it.  I know I am still getting less sleep than most people, but taking these longer sleep sessions actually makes me more tired.

11am – 12min
I didn’t get to start this nap until about 11:40am as I was having a heated discussion.  My fault really, but that is a problem with Polyphasic, you need to sleep, but when you can’t sometimes your mind and body will just start shutting down.  It is very important, if you want to function properly, to get those sessions in.   I woke early, but stayed laying there with my eyes closed until the full time was done.  Now I am up and ready to see how to rest of the day will play out.

3pm – 18min
I pulled into a parking lot and didn’t think I would go to sleep, but soon I opened my eyes and noticed 15 minutes had past.

7pm – 18min
I didn’t get to lay down until about 30minutes after.  I was very tired and fell right to sleep.  Woke up to the timer and I feel pretty good.  Not disoriented or anything.

11pm – 0min
hmm… It is 11:30 and I am still not tired, well, maybe.  Okay, I am going to try and get some sleep.  Nope, didn’t happen.  I laid there for 20 minutes.  So, it is not looking good for tomorrow.  Interesting that I finished the day on exactly 4 hours of sleep. Oh, now I am yawning… lol..

Have a great day and see ya tomorrow,


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