How to Effectively Use a Sports Betting Free Play Bonus

Using a Sports Betting Free Play Bonus effectively can sometimes determine whether you have a winning or losing season.  I personally always go with a guaranteed no risk method to win some money off of my free play and below I will show you exactly how I do it.

So let’s say you clicked on BetPhoenix here, signed-up, sent your money, and got a 100% free play.  Okay, so now what ?  You might ask; you might also be thinking how can I use this free play bonus effectively to guarantee I get 50% of it in cash.

First a quick explanation of how a sports betting free play works. If you already know, then you can skip this paragraph.  Let’s say I sent $500 to Bet Phoenix and they gave me $500 in free plays.  I now have two different balances, a cash balance and a free play balance.  Now I pick the game I want, I will use Utah Jazz in the NBA and the spread is -2.  Well, I am not sure if Utah will win, so I use my free play.  I place $110 down to win $100 of my free play and Utah wins by 8 points.  Woot! I won.  Now my cash balance is $500 + $100 = $600 and my free play amount is $500 – $110 = $390.  If you add the two now it is only $990.  So, even though I won, which if this was only a cash balance with no free play, I would have a balance of $1100, I still lost the free play amount.  The thing about free plays is once you risk the free play the amount risked is gone, whether you win or lose.  Now with cash, you get the amount you risked back if you win.  So, basically, a free play is the same as cash if you lose, but if you win, you only convert it to cash.  Hopefully I explained that clearly, if not please just leave a comment below and I will try to explain the unclear parts bettor.

So, what we want to do is maximize this free play we got.  There are several ways and some are complicated and some are not.  Now before I start to explain I will not be talking about using 12 three team parlays with 6x odds or anything like that.  Yes, it can convert something like 75% or higher of the free play to cash, the problem that most people don’t seem to realize is, yes technically, it can be done, but in practicality you would be extremely hard pressed to find quality books that first had 6x odds, then allowed you to bet both sides, then allowed you to cover every possible scenario, and then allowed you to do it with a free play.  So, you may in your search have come across using parlays and that strategy, well, good luck to you if you want to try that route.  As for me, I will stick to converting a guaranteed 50% – 55% into cash.

Okay, I will use an example of an actually play I did recently:

NBA- Dec 27, 2010
Minnesota Timberwolves +155
New Orleans Hornets -170

Now our goal is to turn that $500 free play  into at least $250 cash so our cash balance would be $250 + $500 = $750.  The lines above are to win lines.  Now you always have to use the free play on the dog and you are looking for a line that is at least +150 with the other team no greater than -200, this will insure you get at least a 50% return.  Now you will not be able to do this at one book, you will have to have money in another book for this to work because you are just asking for trouble if you try this at one book.

Okay, so let’s see how this betting strategy will turn out.  We would have placed our $500 free play on the Minnesota Timberwolves +155; which would be to risk $500 to win $775.  Now we go over to our other account and risk $500 cash on the New Orleans Hornets -170 in the amount $500 to win $294.12.

Final outcome if Minnesota wins = $775 cash from the free play, but lose the $500 cash play, so our profit is $275.
Final outcome if New Orleans wins = $0 from the free play, but gain $294.12 from the cash play, so our profit is $294.12

Minnesota wins = $275 cash which means 55% of the free play was converted to cash
New Orleans wins = $294.12 cash which means 58.8% of the free play was converted to cash.

So, how did we do?  On this day the Minnesota Timberwolves won.  Our new cash balance is $500 + $275 = $775. This play took me only a few minutes to make and yet earned me a nice 55% return on that free play, which added to my bottom line and that is really what this is all about, adding to your bottom line.

So, there you go, an easy way to insure you get at least a 50% return on your free play.  I hope I explained this well enough and if not, just leave me a comment and will do my best to help.

Best of Luck and play smart,


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