2011 March Madness Free Bracket Contests!

March Madness at BetOnline

There are always tons of Bracket contests each year and many just are not worth the effort.  For the 2011 March Madness NCAA Division 1 these are the ones I will be doing and recommend.

List of Tournament Sites

Bodog’s Bracket Buster

Select the March Madness tab


  • Free to Enter
  • $25K in cash prizes
  • $5K grand prize
  • Deadline: March 17th at 9am EST
Grand Prize $5,000
2nd Place $2,000
3rd Place $1,000
4th – 5th Place $500
6th – 20th Place $200
21st – 50th Place $100
51st – 100th Place $50
101st – 200th Place $25
201st – 300th Place $20
301st – 500th $15

Bet Jamaica’s & The Greek Million Dollar Tournament Madness

Whether you sign up with the Greek or Bet Jamaica, they are the same tournament.


  • Free to Enter
  • Deadline: March 17th at noon EST
Rank Prize
1 $10,000
2 $5,000
3 $3,000
4 $2,000
5 $1,000
6-10 $500
11-20 $250
21-30 $125
31-50 $100
51-100 $75
101-200 $50
201-300 $25

Fine Print

You must have an account at The Greek in order to receive any prize. In order to win the full value of any overall prize amount, winner(s) must have signed up and created an account (or have an existing account) and made a total of $100 in “real money” wagers at The Greek on any event(s) available in the contest. Otherwise, the contestant will only be paid 20% of the indicated overall prize value but no less than $25. Contest prizes of $25 will be paid at full value as long as winner has signed up and created an account (or has an existing account) prior to winning a prize. All qualifying real wagers must be made no later than the start of the first game of the Final Eight on Saturday, March 26, 2011 to be eligible to receive the full prize amount.

Bet Guardian Sportsbook


  • Must have active BetGuardian Account.
  • Minimum $300 Account Balance to enter.
  • Deadline 9am PST March 17th


Top prize: $25,000 to the winning contestant(s) who submits the perfect bracket.

First place: $7,500 – Contestant(s) with the highest point count.

Second place: $3,500 – Contestant(s) with the second highest point count.

Third through twenty-fourth place: $400.

Twenty-fifth through fifty-eight place: $100.

Tenty-fifth through sixtieth place: $150.


Details – Wish I would have paid closer attention to the details before I filled out the bracket as I do not plan to bet here.

  • Free to enter
  • Must wager $100 in the sports book in order to be eligible for prizes
  • Deadline: before start of 1st game on March 17th

Prize Structure

$25,000 main prize to a customer with a valid competition entry containing 63 correct picks. Should more than one customer have a valid competition entry containing 63 correct picks, then the $25,000 prize will be equally divided among all verified winners. If no player manages to select a “perfect bracket”, the prize money will be divided equally amongst the 25 players with the highest number of correct picks. Should more than one player have the same amount of picks as the player ranked 25th, then these players will also be added to those eligible for the prize money.

BookMaker and Diamond

Both have the same type of tournament.


  • You can get contest entries 3 ways:
    • 1) for every $100 you deposit you get 1 entry
    • 2) you can use your BetPoints to get an entry
    • 3) you can purchase them for $10 each
  • Deadline is 1 minute before the 1st game on March 17th

Prize Structure

Position Prize
1st $10,000 CASH
2nd $5,000 CASH
3rd $2,500 CASH
4th to 100th 15,000 BetPoints + Free $4+$0.40 Poker Tournament Ticket
101st to 150th 7,500 BetPoints + Free $4+$0.40 Poker Tournament Ticket
151th to 300th 3,500 BetPoints + Free $4+$0.40 Poker Tournament Ticket
301st to 500th 1,000 BetPoints + Free $4+$0.40 Poker Tournament Ticket
501st to 1,000th 500 BetPoints + Free entry to $1000 Head-to-Head Blackjack Tournament ($27.50 value)
1,001st to 2,500th 100 BetPoints + Free entry to $1000 Head-to-Head Blackjack Tournament ($27.50 value)
2501st to 5,000th 75 BetPoints + Free entry to $1000 Head-to-Head Blackjack Tournament ($27.50 value)
5,001st to Last Place 50 BetPoints

Fine Print

Only active players are eligible to receive any prize money. An active player is defined as having at least $300 worth of sports wagers as of the end of Round 2 (March 18, 2011). Contestants who fail to meet this requirement will only be awarded 10% of the listed cash prize amount only.

Well Guys, that looks like about all I will be joining.  I realize there is ESPN and the like, but most of those have a crazy amount of people signed up and the prize pool is usually not that deep.

I also do not enter contests with low rated Sport Books, just isn’t worth the hassle.  However, if you guys come across any others, please feel free to leave a comment.

Best of Luck to us all,


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