Blogging – Day 15

Day 15 of the Blogging Project and I broke another earning record yesterday, $13.65.  So far things are going pretty good, but it seems, even doing polyphasic sleep, there is just not enough time in the day.  Or rather blogging is so hard to stay focused.  I mean it seems easy, right.  Just write something already, review something, and where in the hell is the step-by-step guide to Sports Betting.  I mean you are a Professional right? The site is called JD Sports Online and you are JD, right?

“Yes, yes, this is all true, but..” um, never mind I don’t need quotes you know it is me talking now, not sure who that other yahoo was.  Anyway, like I was saying, the problem is for example, today, I thought I would add that nice little feed widget and just move on to the next thing, but noooooooo, did it just work perfectly the first time, of course not.  So, there I was scouring the web for answer and then I had to go to sleep, gesh…  Anyway, one thing led to another and oops, here it is 11pm already.  11!! :shock:   Time to go to sleep, one moment, be right back. Back, see, that was fast.  Yes, I know you are reading from one word to the next and during that time a sun could have been born, burned brightly, and died, collapsed on itself due to a passing quasar; form a black hole, that started destroying the galaxy and even though we are on the verge of extinction as a race it was all just one little moment in your eyes.

Okay, what were we talking about… oh, right, not being focused.  I just don’t understand it, I mean usually I am. (In case you missed it, that was said in satire, just read the paragraph before to understand.)  I wrote the following article, blogs, or whatever you wish to call them today:

Personal Blog:
My day started a little hectic with that sleep issue on my 5am sleep time.  I had turned off the timer and fell back to sleep.  After that, everything went pretty good today.  I was able to work-out today, so that was good.   I was also able to talk to Elizabeth before she left for Houston, so that was nice.

Well, ya know what time it is… Yep, time to finish my Sports Betting work. lol, I know not what I want to hear, but after that.  A nice hot shower, a cold beer, and some Stargate.

G’night and see ya tomorrow,


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