Blogging Day 45 Feb 27, 2011

Business Blog
I was going through some of the companies PeerFly was representing and I came across this item:

After watching the video for the Gyro Bowl I thought, wow, that is too cool.  So I went ahead and added it to my sidebar, deciding I would show case it for a week, maybe.  Not sure, since did a search for the Gyro Bowl in my new fancy search box  in the sidebar and it was cheaper at Amazon. hmm…

Personal Blog
I talk to my mother about once every 2 weeks and it is usually for hours and today was no different :-)   As a published author and editor extraordinaire, she torn my little article Stop the Madness: The Hypocrisy of The Vegan to shreds.  In just a few minutes she fixed a lot of issues, sentence structure, and just all kinds of things.  It was remarkable how with just few changes the article now reads much smoother and the glaring syntax errors, that happen from doing something like this so quickly and at extremely late into the night, have all but vanished.  As a-matter-of-fact, when I asked her about the article, the first thing she said. “I figured you must have been drunk when you wrote it”.  LOL, I just laughed out loud.  No, mom, really, tell me how you really feel. lol… funny stuff.    She liked the article from a it-was-interesting-and-kind-of-funny point of view and although it hurt her eyes to read some of it, she kept going because of the content and being my mother.  What a trooper!  So, kudos to Master Mom (she has a masters degree hence the name I always call her).

At the beginning of the day I watched Daybreakers, and well, hmm.  It was a movie, I mean, I don’t know, it was okay.  Nothing moving or great, not even a lot of action, but there was blood, so if ya like that kind of thing then this might be for you.  The acting was good for the most part, but as a direct myself, I thought William Defoe was a little flat.  A lot more could have been pulled from him. For the most part he was good, but there were several scenes that I felt they settled for the shot.  I remember doing take after take to get a scene right.  Sometimes it would just be one little thing and you had to do the scene again.  However, once you had enough shots you could meld together the shots to make a great scene.  Of course, some could have been done with one take, but I always did two at least, just in-case.

Next, was Samantha Who?, again it was okay.  Since I am starting on Season One, I usually give the acting some leeway, but the acting was good.  It was the writing that wasn’t anything special for me.  I was very happy to see Sookie St. James (Melissa McCarthy) from Gilmore Girls in this.  For that reason alone I will probably come back to this series.  If you have never seen Gilmore Girls, do yourself a huge favor and start watching it.

Once I was done hibernating I headed out to get myself some migas tacos from the best place in Bay City, TX, Esperanza’s.  Since it was around noon, they give you free bean dip too.  It is always good.  I haven’t been in here for a couple of months, but I didn’t have to really order.  The waitress, as she walked by said, “Two migas tacos and a coffee.”  I nodded.  Another person brought me my chips, salsa, and bean dip and a third brought me a cup of coffee, all before I had even arranged my clip board and stuff on my table.  I was eating some chips, salsa, bean dip, enjoying my coffee, and looking forward to their migas.  Soon enough I had them before me.  I added some salsa, a little bean dip, my garlic salt, and took a bite.  And… and… like everything else so far today, they were okay; nothing any better than my quick recipe for Migas Tacos and nowhere near as good as my totally homemade ones and nothing what I was hoping for.  Well, it happens sometimes.  However, the service was incredible as always.  The entire meal of 2 migas tacos, a bottomless coffee, as much chips and salsa as I could eat, and bean dip came to a grand total of $4.27.  I also left a $3 tip.

Well guys, I have written quite a bit, so I think I will call it a day.  It is 2:30am, getting close to my next nap.  Then it is shower time and a nice beer.  Oh and since it is Sunday, I just checked and a new episode of Spartacus: Gods of the Arena was released on Netflix. So, that will be first on my list.

G’night and have a wonderful day or night.

Life is too short not to live long,


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