Blogging Day 56 March 10, 2011

Business Blog
I managed to get some work done using “little guy” my Acer Netbook. Updated the March Madness area and worked on some Internet Marketing.  So there was some productivity today, but that show Kyle XY keeps pulling at me to watch it.

I made a new Niche Market website although, I should have made it more of a micro type instead of this Macro type of Niche.  It might be too broad of a market.  Here is the link: All Things Kindle

Personal Blog
So, I get dressed to head out and go work-out but as I approach the stairs outside I see this yellow do not cross tape.  They are working on the stairways.  I am told I could leave now but I might be stuck not being able to get back since most of the stairs would be missing.  I thought no problem I could just climb or jump around like some free runner or something, then it hits me. I am way too old. I sigh and turn back.

Wow, did you read how I totally slept in on my Polyphasic Sleep Project today, crazy… Something like over 10 hours.

It was quite disturbing the news of the Tsunami in Japan and other nearby areas. It was a tragedy and watching some of it was heart felt.  A couple of things I thought the mainstream media could have expounded more on was the cooling rods in the nuclear plant issue.  Also, by the time I was watching it had already hit Hawaii and instead of reporting on it, they were just saying how the people were being evacuated. Easily they could have mentioned it hit Hawaii, Alaska, and all those areas already causing nearly no damage at all; waves of 3 – 5 foot were reported.  I had to search the web to get the answers. Back to the main issue, watching those waves of destruction carrying all that debris and then imagining it slamming into myself gave me shivers; scary thought. My heart goes out to the families that will be devastated by this and the loss of precious life.

As to my computer, Elizabeth is quite upset that they have not finished the work on it and if by 11am Friday, it is not completed she is calling. lol. I am usually so calm in these matters as I usually believe people will do the best they can with what they have.  So, I can understand the computer guy’s issues and accept when he tells me his reasons for not getting it done.  However we shall see how this unfolds.

Well, I am finishing this entry in the morning as I had that huge sleep session.  So, guys I will talk to you soon.

G’night and have a wonderful day or night.

Life is too short not to live long,


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