Blogging – Day 7

First I would like to give a congrats to New Jersey law makers for passing a bill to legalize and regulate online gambling in the state of New Jersey.  This bill still has to be signed by the governor Chris Christie.  He can veto the bill, sign the bill, provisionally veto it, in which it is sent back to the legislation, or he can do nothing and the bill will become law in 45 days.  If this becomes law, it will be very interesting to see how the federal government responds as the bill has legislation that should cause a lot of issues between the state and the federal levels.  Probably why Christie has reservations about signing it, because if he does, there will be a legal war waged.  I would guess similar to running a licensed medical marijuana shop in California.  It may be licensed and regulated in the state, but the DEA sometimes comes in and does a sweep confiscating everything.  Now, we are talking about huge casinos here though.  So, there is a lot of money involved, which means lots of support.  So, it will be interesting to watch.  Oh, and that bill passed by like 35 – 2, so even if it fails, something is going to happen very soon in that state.  Best of  Luck to New Jersey I will toast a beer to ya for the courageous legal actions you guys are about to undertake.

Yesterday was a record day for Google Adsense, I made $7.78, so that was nice. I picked up another advertiser, AdBrite, that is there ad posted above.  They pay based on impressions, not so much clicks, at least that it what I believe, if not I will update this blog with correct information. Signing up with them was pretty simple and this feature they have of someone clicking the “Your Ad Here” is interesting. Apparently anyone can then advertise with you if they like your site, of course you have the option to approve the ad or not.

I also wrote a couple of more articles:
Adding Google Analytics to WordPress
Which is a better bonus: Cash or Free Play?

It is hard to believe I spent 8 hours on this today, but I think I am going to stop for the night.  It is only 10:30pm, but I probably need to pace myself.  I have been at this for a week now.  Tomorrow, I will post my totals for the week.

Personal Blog:
Did my normal routine and I am sore from working out each day, but it is a good sore :)   I tested a lot of code I wrote today.  I am purposely keeping it vague as I don’t want to release this information yet, until I have something solid.  Need lots more testing, but it is looking really promising, almost too good, lol.   Anyway, tonight not only am I having a nice beer and toasting the New Jersey legislators, but I am going to make a special pizza, yuuummmmoooo!!

Well, G’night and remember living in the moment means it is already gone,


AdSense All Others
01/14/11 $1.34 $0.00
01/15/11 $2.15 $0.00
01/16/11 $6.38 $0.00
01/17/11 $5.64 $0.00
01/18/11 $1.77 $0.00
01/19/11 $7.78 $0.00
Totals $25.06 $0.00
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