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I am currently watching the L word.  I am on season 2, since Netflix doesn’t have season 1.  So far it is pretty good.  I know it sounds strange coming from a guy, but the sex scenes just seem to distract from the show.  At least they keep them down to a minimum given that sexual attraction is a big part of the series.

Roku just added Crackle to their line up.  Anyway it has free movies to watch.  So, I watched the movie:

Ultraviolet – When a vampirelike disease begins infecting the human population — giving the afflicted enhanced intelligence, fantastic stamina and lightning-fast speed — the world quickly divides into those who have it and those who don’t. Believing the infected to be a menace to society, the government seeks to wipe them out. But can one woman with the disease (Milla Jovovich) help save an infected child (Cameron Bright) from cruel and unusual punishment?

It was a little too CGI for me, but I had seen this movie before, at least I thought I had because most of it looked familiar.   Anyway, it was a good popcorn movie.  Now if only I didn’t put my huge popcorn maker in storage, it would have been perfect.

Little Notes:

  • I went to Main Street Coffee Bar today.  I mainly just hung out and talked to Levi for a few hours.  It was nice, but it really got me more motivated to open a bar again.

Checking Netflix Instant Watch releases and adding the following to my queue

  • Wings – Set in a tiny regional air terminal serving the island of Nantucket, this amiable sitcom developed by the creative team behind “Cheers” uses a similar gallery of customers and characters to keep the show’s loopy atmospheric humor going. Joe Hackett (Tim Daly) and his brother Brian (Steven Weber) operate Sandpiper Air, while their lifelong friend Helen (Crystal Bernard) works the lunch counter, serving a steady trade of eccentrics and regulars.

I could use a light comedy, I think I have been watching too many “serious” type tv lately.  You know, I think I will add Cheers too.

  • Cheers – Featuring a sterling ensemble cast, this long-running, award-winning NBC sitcom centers around Sam Malone (Ted Danson), an ex-baseball player turned bar owner, whose popular saloon is always filled with quirky customers and even more eccentric staff. Womanizer Sam falls hard for waitress Diane (Shelley Long), while barflies Norm and Cliff philosophize, egghead Frasier (Kelsey Grammer) bemoans his life and beer slinger Carla dishes out sarcasm.

To view my Netflix Instant Watch feed, just click the link, keep in mind, there are 500 TV or Movies listed.

G’night and have a wonderful day or night.

Life is too short not to live long,


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